March 2nd-8th 2021 Reading- You Are What You Create

I apologize for the missed day. This means the weekly readings will reset to every Tuesday. I have greater news that has poured out from last week.

Because we are in The Age of Aquarius, you can expect to see energy move a lot faster. That includes…the thought. Finances. Bad or good deeds. Happiness. Sharing energy. Ideas, projects…the downfall of the wicked. And the uplifting of those who understand.

Because of the abudance of spiritual interference, you can expect old habits to die if you so desire. So that new movement of energy will include past relationships, as it is a past energy. Past jobs, even past successes may or may not matter…depending on you!

The idea is to focus on your vibrations, as opposed to what you’ve been told to do your entire life. Those of you thinking that the use of magic will get your farther…couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, manipulation of energy and spirits that already existed before you will be your demise. Once you allow The Universe and accept that you do have the power to change your destiny, there isn’t a need to force it. Your mind is capable enough if you have the belief that you can. So casting spells, bonding yourself to others, calling upon unknown entities…isn’t going to end well for you!

Being content gets you farther than you realize! 


Today’s reading includes Perception, Fertility and Soul Time. All acquiescent to the time. Judging by the belief of others isn’t your game plan. This is why.

Perception is how you visualize your reality. While I can merely explain to you how not to do something, I have no idea how you view life as we know it. But Perception has shown up to encourage us to go beyond what we’re comfortable with, because not everything is as it seems. When you open up your mind, seeing things in the correct light will drive you towards your true purpose.

Next, we have Fertility. This coincides with my previous statement. The soil of the Spirit World is rich and ready for planting. Farmers beware…you will reap what you sow. Good intent spreads good intent, bad intent spreads bad intent. And now, especially, those who were oppressed, whether by their mother, a lover or a group of people…the tides are changing. Just be sure to till the soil and weed the garden!

Lastly, we have Soul Time. While it sounds reflective, it’s more here to remind you that your soul lives on-forever. There is the possibility of people losing their soul as well. It goes to say that your choices are infinite. Choose wisely. Love wisely. I see a lot of people who didn’t make it into The Age of Aquarius, silently panicking because they know they were left behind. Or, because they’re not sure they’ll make it. It is as serious as having one thing one moment, and fifteen minutes later, losing everything.

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