Just Me, Complaining


    This world thrives on crazy. Recall me mentioning the loss of my Facebook page? While I’ve gained some access back, I noticed the videos posted without my permission were removed, but Facebook has failed to fully restore my access.

    Furthermore, I had to change my password on a different device, because it appears my phone has been affected. While my device works seemingly well, still, it has been a slight headache trying to get my work done.

    I am the overcomer most only dream to be, but it has left me wondering what the point was behind all of that. Ya, I’m a celebrity. So what? I did a little research and found people trying to hack others’ Facebook pages to use them to phish. The monetary gain has to be slow on that.

    Others believe it is simply because I’m successful, and that as a way to slow my roll. My name is everywhere, so I suppose I should be more cautious. I guess I shouldn’t really be scratching my head about this, but it is also very sad, considering the lengths taken…for nothing.

    People so heavily believe being famous, hacking a successful person’s devices, or stealing from a rich guy makes them happy. Did you know my net worth has to be sold (meaning my rights and works) in order for it to be tangible? You’d have to go through whoever my lawyer is…find the paperwork for my rights…and then you’d actually have to be me!

    The whole thing was insane. 

    It reminds me of when I first started working on my script. I was hoping to turn it in and get paid as soon as possible. At the time, I was with an abusive, drug using ex. 

    This guy…tells the entire world, even though it’s not his work…and someone who’s known for robbing people ends up down the way from us. I immediately knew what was going on. After all…this ex just got done telling me I was a stuck up, spoiled brat who didn’t understand life. It wasn’t until he realized I could only pull out $300 that he was able to talk his friend out of it. 

    It was terrible! And made no sense. Beforehand, he had attempted to get me to sell my rights. I knew all too well that the money that came from it wouldn’t be enough, no matter the amount. 

    My entire goal in my adult life is to create sustainability for myself and my children. While I do like to shop, and own nice things…what would be the point in making it part of the way…and throwing my career away from a little pleasure that won’t last a lifetime?

    I have watched, and I don’t want to judge anyone, but you guys make it kind of hard not to say anything. There’s more to life than money and things. Your expectancy on earth…chasing after the previously described…is cut short…BECAUSE IT ISN’T WORTH IT. Working towards an achievement is much greater than that of stealing someone else’s glory. 

    And the reward for your accomplished goals isn’t money either. What about well deserved recognition and respect? Trust? Being a beacon of hope?

    Or, perhaps, I too am foolish since I feel like I repeat this more than it is learned! 



    Still waiting to hear what’s needed from me for DiNK. I am no longer working on an album, because I didn’t trust what was behind the mask, so to speak. That has led me to finish art, start new art and work on the third draft to The Dirty Deities: Mist in Our Eyes.

    After I feel the novel is ready to be published, I will immediately begin another manuscript. Either to finish another or start a completely new book! I actually have about ten more character illustrations to finish! This project is huge! (oops)

    I wanted a broader collective since it is the end to the short lived series. Out of all my works, including Erin Bailey is a Time Lord, The Dirty Deities is probably my favorite.

    Be sure to check out the preview for As Vast as Can Be Imagine, here on the site!

Weekly Readings-

    I have gone back to doing my free weekly readings, which will always be posted on Infinite Iridescence. It helps me by helping others! I have also learned my Sacred Geometry deck over the last year, which included learning which zodiac signs match up with the seven chakras!

    It is done to encourage others, but to also shed light on our ever changing world. The veil is nearly nonexistent, and we have entered The Age of Aquarius. Energy is moving faster than you can muster up the thought. It is magnificent and mind boggling at the same time!

    I have been able to purchase a Moon cycles book! So, on top of readings, I’ll let you know the forecast for the moon that week, and why it is important. I love doing birth charts for people, because you get to discover that someone may be a fire sign…but if Venus was in Pisces…they have a dreamy view of love!

    I remember someone saying not to rely too heavily on the stars, but the stars are there! They’re not leaving anytime soon, and they were placed there for us to understand. So, take advantage of learning about yourself, existence and the Universe by understanding EVERYTHING around us. 

    I am glad I do not believe in man-made ideologies…as they have served no one any good. But, as I have mentioned in previous blogs…I’m not here to convince you of anything. Relaying the message is enough!

    As always, thanks for reading! There will be a reading tomorrow!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Simon says:

    Thanks for continuing to relay the message… I can’t believe he tried to sell your right and you’re so right – there’s’ more to life than money and things 🙂

    1. The Gorgeous Nerd says:

      Doing my best! Eventually, it will adhere? Haha.

      1. Simon says:

        That’s what we hope for 😀

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