Weekly Reading March 9th-15th 2021- Sorry, Just Aggressively Dreaming!

This week’s focus shifts in a major way. Certain planets have aligned progressively, bringing in the possible reason for a rollout of funds for the American public.

I have pulled up my moon calendar, so I can guide the lot of you a little further. 

Because Capricorn is now moving into Aquarius, you can expect an almost serene…yet cooperative likeness from most everyone. The details are this…be sensitive, understanding and compassionate if you can help. Taciturn Capricorn forming into Aquarius means things may go misunderstood if you don’t relay the information kindly. Capricorn means business, and while Aquarius tend to have their ducks in a row as well, the sense is dreamier…meaning we thought we told you. But we forgot.

No mystery to this, just remember to remember. Be calm, be kind, and apologize…please!

By the end of the week, we enter even dreamier Pisces. This means to be careful with your finances, and expect the early arrival of spring to make that even harder. By the time Monday rolls around, we’re tempted by fiery Aries. But, this can be good or bad. You’ll still be possibly dreaming, or had spent every last cent by now. Make a plan to spend extra funds wisely, save those savory heated emotions for your lover.


Today’s reading coincides with the moon calendar. Checks and payments will be rolling soon, but under certain moons…making this an easier go for the economy than the consumer.

Compassion is asking us to recognize those who need help…or a hug. Even a bit of advice is best. Patience is the key here, with shifting moons from Capricorn to Aries by next week. There are two signs that don’t play by anyone else’s rules, meaning you need to take a step back, breathe and consider what you say before you say it.

Perception means that some see a nine…others see a six. But all together, a number is still seen. It’s safer to say how we feel about our perception, allowing it to flourish and possibly plant a seed as well.

Lastly is Belief, which I strongly feel is brought about from that moon transcending through Pisces. Will it so with your thoughts. You have no need to rely upon anyones else’s thoughts-your own are more than good enough. 

This reading can be found on Infinite Iridescence all week long!

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