March 16th-22nd Reading- You Reality is Your Own Business!

Today, the moon transitions from Aries to Taurus, simply meaning you mean business. This is the Power Cusp, and as someone born on this cusp, I can say you’ll mean to change the world!

Do so kindly, as Aries can be brash while Taurus can be stubborn. Expect business deals to go smoothly, since both signs know how to get their points cross.

Gemini creates a haze over our weekend. Perhaps relax, instead of making actual decisions?

By next Monday, the moon will be in Cancer. This means all motives, projects and so on need to be clearly expressed. However, you can expect kindness and humility. Afterall, Cancers are just big softies anyway.

Your main focus will be finishing projects, and unfortunately, it may mean that these projects won’t look as good as they should. Tuesday brings us in Cancer/Leo…you can expect to look at those mistakes AFTER a couple of drinks and good times with friends.


Today’s reading reminds us to speak up.

The first card is Allowance. Your reality is what you’re allowing. Sounds like a trick of the mind? Perhaps on those attempting to throw negativity in your way. Think instead, how wonderful you’ll feel after learning a lesson, as opposed to how you have to go through with the lesson. The Universe values broadened perspectives!

Fertility pushes your beliefs to the shores of absolute manifestation. This is a great card, combined with the previous. What can stop you? Who said you couldn’t? EXACTLY. Create, design, accomplish and see how much more you are closer to the abundance you deserve.

Lastly is Throat Chakra. This is about speaking up and putting our foot down. Someone told me they anticipate bad outcomes because they don’t want to be disappointed! When someone tells you “if”, ask them who are they to decide YOUR fate? They have no say in your destiny, only you do! The word “if” is a manipulative tactic to get you and others to vibrate lower. Rise above it by understanding that once you start something, it will be finished and you will succeed!

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