Weekly Reading March 23rd-29th- Manifest Positivity. Accept those Gifts!


The moon is already transitioning into lackadaisical Leo, but it’s here with a twist. Leo is the zodiac sign representative of finances, and a lot of you have received the boost you needed.

Spend leisurely…like a Leo. Do not look back. Money is an entity, and loves being spent. While the focus is always shifted towards the negative aspects, remember that is to keep you afraid. To attract more money, spending it like it’s going out of style is actually a way to show the entity that you respect it. It will also fuel the economy, and probably add more jobs.

You’ll feel like royalty purchasing items you well deserve! Buy that luxury leather handbag, splurge on the wife and kids. And make sure to tip the waiter! Leos are about ignoring negative vibes. So receiving and continuing to act as if you’re a wounded deer will keep your vision as such.

By next Monday, the moon will be in Libra, another sign that isn’t afraid to shop. You should be considerate, of course. Leos are known to be generous-to their subjects. Libra, however, is kind and fair to all. The outcome of your spending will not hurt you financially…unless you want it to.


Today’s reading really focuses on money, with the negative and positive aspects showing up.

First, we have Realization. Since your journey is your own, you’re reveling at some huge feat as of now. Whether it’s the recently received stimulus, or the fact that you’re still alive, take time to see where your place is in the universe. You’ll be utterly surprised, and more than likely fascinated with yourself.

Second is Integration. This speaks on the terms of how you spend your money. The negative factor exists if you allow it-I will buy what I don’t need. Or, you can understand that you have money to spend. These two cannot exist without the other, and simply needed to be acknowledged. Especially the negative aspects. To include both recognizes harmony, a thing we all surely need.

Lastly is the Root Chakra. This Chakra is tied to security, financial independence and freedom. Since most everyone was eligible for a stimulus, the tides have turned. This means you have a chance to secure yourself on the physical plane. As it ties the entire reading together, it’s reminding you that buying a shirt is also securing your physicality. Do not worry about the flow of your finances. Worrying creates blockage, and even darkens what could be seen when you realize…there’s nothing to worry about. The bright, red of this chakra indicates passion, stability and love. So many things surround the good intent of spending money. And even sharing it. Giving items away or asking if someone you know needs a hand is a great way to secure balance as well. 

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