And the Winner Is…


While I’d like to belly ache about the loss of my facebook page, I wanted to make you all laugh with a few facts.

First. The person who’s taken over my stolen page will now owe Facebook $2k. I haven’t paid them for overrun advertising! You can have it! This reminds me of when someone tries to manipulate an old woman out of her will and ends up with bills!

Second. I keep track of people who visit my website…and guess what’s been pinging through my stats? The source was FB. Whoever it is…went through every single page, and looked at several different posts. I guess I wasn’t supposed to know?

Lastly (this is the best part) My website averages over 200% more traffic than my FB page. With my FB page, I would have to pay money to run ads. So if you were going to steal something…perhaps make sure it’s worth stealing first!

I’ve been laughing at this for the last 24 hours. There is constant growth on a website that I own the name and domain for. I pay SEVENTY DOLLARS annually and have 59k fans (and growing)

And they stole a page that owes money. Unless I feel it’s worth paying Facebok $2k….(and I won’t) that page can’t run ads. Also, the name can’t be changed! So it will always say JCS! 

Need I say anymore?

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