March 30th-April 5th Reading- The Lie Catcher


Unlike a Pisces moon, a Scorpio moon means you won’t find yourself swimming in unfamiliar waters. In fact, a nearly full moon in Scorpio means these three things-the trash will walk itself out, you will come to terms with the truth, and everyone around you is wary of what you will say (and do).

While it sounds pessimistic, I assure you…it speaks of a new beginning. 

The thing about spirituality is how very clear things can be made. So if you’re lying, or catching someone in a lie, the truth will be completely revealed under this moon.

Here is an example *before I begin, it is unwise to assume you can control spirits older than you, and entities, such a Michael or Gabriel*

Someone tells me almost every time we speak, that she can control Michael THE ARCHANGEL. Yesterday, she stepped too far, suggesting he is her masculine half. The issue with this is…it has been proven this person is a liar. And, that’s a bold statement to make…coming from a witch.

My spiritual community confirmed her lack of power, resulting in her being a host. She has even suggested she is the moon, another bold and stupid statement.

Now, things have gone very downhill for her. And I was able to view this as such.

I won’t do a happy dance, as I had been warned about her demise. Timely, and when it would begin. It is never a good idea…to play with spirits.

Need more facts? Thrifty Capricorn solidifies all those smoke and mirror games by this weekend, leading up to the start of next week-said and done Aquarius will seal the deal. Meaning you will be bothered no more. You can expect no drama to occur, as the next few signs don’t play.


First card in our deck is Crown Chakra, literally confirming everything we just spoke about. You are so powerful, you already knew. Now that your premonitions and visions have been confirmed, time to transmute that energy. Be thankful you saw it coming, walk away….and don’t look back. 

Nex is Compassion. This isn’t an oddly placed card-this is why you are gifted and protected. Understand why anyone would do anything bad, but once again, thank the Universe for the lessons you’ve learned. You don’t have to be cruel in your exit. Kindly step away.

Lastly is Remembrance. Yes, recall everything you have gone through. What you have learned. The respect you have for the Universe…and the respect given back to you. With this, you can glide through this era of spirituality. You’ll be thankful for opening up your third eye, and even more so…seeing things for what they really are.

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