On your journey, you will find that even contentment is a test.

While you are practicing being a good individual, others are seeking your demise.

This blog will be a reminder of who you are, why you shouldn’t stop shining, and how to overcome negative people and their demons.

Firstly, a spiritual journey is more so of acceptance, navigating the waters better each time out, and growth. Because of these elements, you are never done learning.

Your vices will still exist. As will your physical flaws and then even your crazy relative. As mentioned before, the higher you ascend, the more you are able to navigate…fully.

Falling down and getting back up is what makes you stronger. It means you’ve learned…and now it’s time to earn.

Separate monetary gain and material wealth from “having it together.” There are many unstable rich people! While money pays your bills and buys the nice things you enjoy wearing, spiritual gain is far more important.

I’m not saying to look down upon being blessed with material items. I am suggesting to not look forward to them, though. Having a sound heart and mind are greater keys to success.

In fact, working towards those goals will allow you to see, appreciate, accept, and obtain what you need.

However, the higher you ascend…the more you will be under attack.

Secondly, you will always have to deal with darkness. No matter how great your abilities are. Someone or something is willing to try you.

You will be tested to ride above those challenges. Once you have, you will face harder challenges. The reward is seeing how far you’ve come and realizing how great you really are.

If anything else is rewarded to you, accept those gifts, the Universe is delighted with you.

This will continue, I feel. Mostly because there is a such thing as balance.

You will experience epiphanies as a sign that you’ve finished ascending-understanding why you’ve gone through something and knowing where to apply it is one of the best parts. You’ll see more and more…your purpose…destiny and design.

This day and age, self love is being freely slung all around. When in actuality, if you’ve been hurt…this will seem like a near impossible task.

Self love is shopping or pink clay mud masks. But it’s more looking inside…and understanding yourself. Lessons learned, achievements…even your darkest moments. If you are truly good, you’ll see where people try to act like you were defective. You begin to kiss the wounds and as they heal…you see things much clearer. That is self love.

This world has been manipulated into believing there’s one type or one way to live. When you begin loving your stretch marks, short stature or even the way you smile…you’ll see it was a plan to distract you…

From you.

Lastly…the journey doesn’t end, maybe even past death!

You are always learning! So you can’t really say much about anyone. I like to focus on myself. I know when people are jealous, I can tell you what someone will do next week.

But I also don’t want to pretend I won’t trip up, as I need to continue learning. That keeps me and anyone else from judging others! (At least it should)

Staying in your lane sounds harsh, but it’s the absolute truth. While helping others is good, do so to help. No other reason or explanation is needed.

Planting a seed is great. Leave it at that. Taking someone in? Help, don’t judge. Set limits, even guidelines. But never look at your life in comparison to others.

If you do, there’d be no point in your journey…would there? Major epiphany I enjoyed quite a bit. You can set yourself free by not bothering with people’s tendencies, issues and demons.

You can also expect people to mess with you when you learn yourself into this frame of mind. But, you’ve just learned what not to do. How amazing is that?

I hope this has helped someone! I enjoy blogging about these topics!

Thanks to everyone who visits my page and interacts! 💜

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Simon says:

    Your posts are always great! 🙂

    1. The Gorgeous Nerd says:

      Why thank you! I try 😊

  2. Simon says:

    You do good… 🙂

    1. The Gorgeous Nerd says:

      I try my damnedest. Thank you ❤️

      1. Simon says:

        It shows 😄🙄

      2. The Gorgeous Nerd says:

        Lol what’s with the last emoji?

      3. Simon says:

        That’s a typo… My bad lol

      4. The Gorgeous Nerd says:

        Haha 🤣 figured. It was funny.

      5. Simon says:

        It was when I saw it 🤣

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