April 6th-April 12th Weekly Reading- Let the Universe Work for You


Coming across a good person is also dependent upon their sign. So, coming across good vibrations…also means to look to the sky.

Aquarius are oddballs, but the energy from them is to help in any way possible. This does mean this energy requires adulation for your efforts. After all, you are a hero. But being helpful will give you the boost you need.

Careful not to spread your energies too widely as the moon slips into Pisces this weekend, known for escaping this world all the time. Sunday has us in fiery Aries, but this energy is pensive, and arguments may occur because of that.

Wanting to get things done? Monday into Tuesday are perfect as we transition into Taurus.


This week’s reading focuses on relationships, more than likely of all sorts. It’s time to mend bridges, or build them back up if you’ve burnt them down.

Healing reminds us to figure out what our love language is…and shower in it. Gemini? Your love language is words of affirmation. Expect it, as most Geminis are good hearted people. Healing means to accept those gifts, kisses, snuggles and compliments…and soak in them. Let them fill you up. You will feel the difference.

Second is Transition, which is why I mentioned this reading is about relationships. You all have the ability to heal your tattered love…or to find new love. The choice is up to you. You do need to allow the Universe to do it’s thing. The belief you put forth will be seen…and paid back. Patience will always be a requirement, but you will appreciate that you waited when you sit back and see what you’ve manifested.

Lastly is the Sacral Chakra. This chakra is of relationships, pregnancy, sex, and creativity. Look at this as a whole, because it may speak on projects, team members, friends, partners, spouses…or even your relationship with your paint brushes. The best time to strike is when the iron is hot, and with projects…or newly formed relationships…express yourself. Start a new canvas, do beadwork…find new ways to communicate how you really feel. 

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