Mist in Our Eyes Release Date!


The time has finally come!

More so that I have finally pulled my head out of my ass!

After finishing the third draft, I realized nothing else needed to be done. The Dirty Deities- Mist in Our Eyes releases April 17th, 2021. That is my 34th birthday!

Lucky you! You’ve got to know first (sort of, I told a friend first, lol)

Firstly, thanks to alll 59,139 of you subscribed to my website! If you scroll to the bottom of this blog, you can see the numbers I speak of! SO AMAZING!

Secondly, this does mean I will start a new book project. I haven’t decided which. During this time, I will also work on art I spoke about previously, but this will be announced as it’s finished.

Mist in Our Eyes brings us five years into the future, where Shawn and Alana have tried to settle down in a comfortable drama, free life. Feelings haven’t changed between any of the crew members, but Shawn has been experiencing realistic and terrifying dreams that seem way too familiar. After surviving a tsunami, then being blasted from the sky, the crew finds themselves separated on the planet Coshbor. Due to Shawn’s unstable mood, it’s best for all as the entire crew is now under a planet wide warrant issued by none other than Manifesto. He and Alana are finally cornered by Alum, Manifesto’s last living stand in general. Once Shawn releases his relentless energy, all associated with the deity begin to realize how great he truly is. However, Shawn has to choose wisely in defending himself. While he and Alana can escape and return to their previous states, the rest of the galaxy they reside in could cease to exist.

Without giving more away, this was an absolute pleasure to write! There are so many emotional tones presented, that during editing…I had to take several moments not to cry. I do love my other novels, but The Dirty Deities series is probably my favorite thus far. I have outdone myself yet again.

I wanted to focus on how an entity would feel. We always write about greater beings warring with worlds and destroying their families. A lot of the time, I feel certain text has been written to sway the minds of those who will believe it. But, as there is bad, there is good. 

One of the hardest parts of writing, as any author will admit to…is trying something new. So, my entire career, I have continuously stepped out of my comfort zone. That was the case with Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts, Erin Bailey is a Time Lord, and now The Dirty Deities.

*Due to covid, the film is still in queue for those who are curious!*

While, to some, this may seem like bragging. But impressing yourself is key to even bothering in the first place!

As always, I will keep you all updated. Since things are slowly lightening up, I’m positive I’ll hear more on my film soon.

Thanks to all for reading!

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