Site Changes! 4/12/21


Well, here we are. Back to the beginning. Except, it’s a good thing. Let’s drop the Groundhog Day feel.


I walked away from social media, since I am an entity. It is easier to function on my website without the extra crap in the way.

Basically, all of my fans will see an influx of story posts. They will be consistent with what I typically post and write about, anyway.

There will be three blogs weekly, two for my administered work. One solely for metaphysical and spiritual guidance. In addition, you will see a weekly reading, as well as several stories Monday through Friday.

My hours of operation have changed as well. So, from 9am MST to 4pm MST, Monday through Friday, every week-except for holidays.

There’s been a huge uptick in traffic on my website, and I would prefer to manage it properly. Besides, I’m not a plastic bag in the wind now, am I?

The photos on the website will be switched during this week coming up. And, I am releasing The Dirty Deities- Mist in Our Eyes on Saturday.

This is A LOT OF WORK. Don’t ever think anything I do is easy. I prefer to step away from distractions, anyway.

I get asked quite often how I manage children, a website, my blog, writing, illustrating, modeling…and promoting.

My first answer is-mind over matter. My second answer is…planning. I set a schedule and mostly stick to it unless something occurs that throws me off. It’s usually another unstable human being. But those days are behind me. 

My third answer is…constant hard work. I put my head down and work. I also don’t think too much about it. It just gets done.

Once you have been working as such for a decade, it just gets harder. The Universe tests you, and that is when you decide if you pass or fail. However, it isn’t one test. It’s usually multiple tests. Also, I am in no way done being tested. 

I’ve spent the last 9 years fighting, falling, struggling and training to rise above. Instead of going back to the things that kept me down, I decided to look ahead. 

There was a time I was obsessed with the color mauve. Different variations. From the subtle, to the dark and moody. When my father passed, I was left with a nice amount of money. Aside from investing more into my career, I shopped. And that color was a healing antidote. The high was temporary, of course. I continued buying makeup, nail polish…hand bags, phones…everything in that color.

I fell from grace when I allowed my ex into my life, but this was the boiling point. When the cake would implode, and everything changed.

Afterwards, I would run back to that color, buying everything I could and using it to heal me temporarily. It got to the point that I saw nothing else around me, but the perfection I assumed I was. One day in 2020, I saw that I had gone overboard, and decided to change up my style. It was a painful thing to do…until I realized I broke myself free from my own prison.

Now, I am more compelled to shop for different colors aside from mauve. Since my thinking was stuck, everything else was. I had gone through therapy, trials, and tribulation. Keeping myself in a circle was my fault.

While I enjoy the color still, there are other colors that are just as beautiful…if not more. I would rather enshroud myself in a colorful thought process…than the monotone idealisms of a wretched perfectionist who can’t let things go. 

We stifle ourselves within everything when we can’t let even the smallest thing go. Everything is a problem. Everyone is the enemy. Life is bad, and we hate everything about it. Then you see a brown bird with a bright red chest chirping out of your window. No matter how much a straight line you think you’re walking, spring…change and life calls.

Step outside, take in the sun…and you’ll notice the daffodils are beginning to bloom next to the tulips. As you further your stroll, you see pansies, roses, sunflowers, daisies, zennas, and lilies. Then it hits you…they’re all beautiful, taking up space…and none are truly the same color as the next. 

You missed all of this because you couldn’t let go. I couldn’t think of anything more literal than what I put myself through! I am also glad I saw what I was doing, it’s a matter of actually wanting to see more. 

Healing happens daily, so this is a part of my journey. But I am so glad I decided to help myself 🙂

As always, guys, thanks for reading. Please be patient with me as I begin to whip things into shape!

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