Weekly Reading April 13th-19th 2021- You’ve Got Your Wings, Now

The moon is in a waxing crescent, as we have passed the heated, everready and first in line Aries new moon. Transcending into Taurus means whatever you’ve started will be finished.

New moons are great for cleansing your gemstones, but they’re also good for setting new goals. Having it slip from Aries to Taurus means you’ll see progress with full steam ahead.

By this weekend, it’ll go from Gemini to Cancer. This is far more considered to be a chill, moderate vibrant type of moon. This is when you take a breath, sit back and slowly look over your projects.

Here are some things you can do that will help you in your pursuit. Plan, write down, and reschedule if you must. Anticipate a target, and make the goal. If you’ve done all of this, push yourself a little farther. Once the moon transcends from Cancer to Leo…you can expect the want for plush pillows, rich chocolates and way more chill time than you should be expecting!


Today’s reading is tonal, and a little more straightforward. Part of this is due to the signs in the moon, but it’s also to help you shift gears. April is almost half over, and this year is a third done.

Our first card is Consciousness. I rarely pull this card, meaning things have definitely shifted. This card asks us to respect everything that shows up in a multidimensional aspect because different realities are continuously converging. Think of realities like a plate of food. It’s best to eat everything, slowly. And acknowledge all the flavors. It’s more satisfactory this way. You don’t miss a beat.

Second is the Heart Chakra. While the green flower of life is in association to how we feel, this is a pressing matter for what we’re experiencing instead. You can feel how you want about it, but experiencing it is a totally different story. Feel out the experience, rather, and you’ll see what I mean.

Lastly is Remembrance. My readings are typically about relationships because love moves more energy that we realize. You have come out of a bad relationship, or friendship…and you’re entering a new relationship or phase in your life. Remember all the lessons learned, and don’t look at them as mistakes. Instead, use them to guide yourself with a little ease this time around.

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