Friday Thoughts

    The misappropriation of any type of information is a sure red flag to perhaps an underlying ulterior motive. Facts are facts. While I can never fully explain my career or successes, I can tell you the truth.

The truth is a formation of actual events leading up to point, signalizing actuality-not reality…which can be altered. 

So there is never a reason to change how things really go, compared to what things really are. While we like to imagine a different scenario, it is also okay to accept what we are given. The Universe…the Source is never wrong in choosing. 

My favorite card deck always tells me that when I allow, I am opening up the door of actuality. Where as reality is how I shape it. Good or bad. 

It is sustenance for the soul, something that isn’t talked about but should be. While I hope to not overload any of you with the guidance I offer, the truth lies within my experiences. 

Here, though, you should know that a darkened heart will not receive advice, but heed comfort in ease. I am not leading a flock-I am planting a seed. It’s up to you to water it. Unless I am romantically or platonically connected to you, how I affect you isn’t my business. 

I, in fact, searched all on my own. My intellect allowed this process, despite my trials. My understanding isn’t over, and I am still open to learn. 

I blog, rain or shine, to expand my circumference and edge. To allow, to pursue and to insure. A constant few appreciate it. Which is fine by me.

I often look to others as others look to me. Since it is ever evolving, you should understand that consistency is of light, patch work is dark. Idealism of any form…is conformity. And allowing…acceptance…of light. Tunnel vision-dark. Open minded-light. These are contrasts I had to learn to progress. Then, I had to learn that my progression was ever evolving. It will not cease. 

We learn these things…not to oppress others…but only to share. Sharing helps others build their experience…to share to others. It is loosely knit to provide room for growth.

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