Shifting Energies

The movement of energy isn’t always the way we view it.

Last week was phenomenal! I reached well above the website views I was seeking. The website also has new subscribers! Welcome!

It is amazing, touching and awe inspiring when you see your visions come true. I recently published my ninth novel, The Dirty Deities- Mist in Our Eyes.

Despite everything going on, how stuck the powers that be try to make people feel everyday, we move energy in such a way that it doesn’t make a difference.

More equally amazing, I did so on my birthday. It was a beautiful day, shared with family and friends. No drama, or chaos. And most of all…I was able to appreciate life.

My next goal is to work on my website, and take a break from writing. The Weekly reading I post will still be up, as well as my stories and blogs.

I feel like I freed myself from bondage. Things are much clearer now. Doesn’t mean the battle is over. It does mean I am well equipped.

We don’t often talk about that part where you’re equipped. I think we hope the fairytale is over, and things will go back to normal. At the same time, bad and good things happen daily. Anything new,. especially when it’s been coerced to cause chaos, looking deeper helps is under things.

Doubly so, it means to remember the great things that have occurred or will occur. People love saying how bad something will be, like they’re injecting a highly addictive drug in their veins. Light and dark exist together.

The best way to go about this is to see it, understand it, then let it go. Focus shifting that energy into something great.

Yes, I speak on how bad situations are created to control, and literally how smiling in the face of darkness disables it. This will always be the case. Use your gifts wisely.

As I figure out which project is next, I want to thank all of those who read, comment, share and like my posts! Thank you, and have a great day!

The Dirty Deities- Mist in Our Eyes is available for download on Amazon, for kindle!

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