April 20th-26th Reading- Shifting Stances

Our Cancer to Leo moon is in the first quarter, meaning by the end of this month, we will see a full moon transitioning from Libra to Scorpio.

Cancer’s are emotional, dependent, loyal but moody. The job will get done, but let them breathe for a moment! This will affect everyone, Cancer or not. These emotions will be seen throughout! If you know someone who is a Cancer, you can expect to see their mood and energy change drastically. They’ll shape up as soon as the moon is fully in Leo.

As the moon dances through lackadaisical Leo, transcends through needy Virgo and finally becomes full in Libra/Scorpio…you can expect work to feel easier, but there will be a lot of it. 

Best way to handle Cancer moons, and Cancers alike is with compassion, understanding and patience. Since they’re loyalist and moody…it means they won’t have a problem cutting ties with you either. 


This week’s reading coincides with the moon and what sign it’s in. It’s asking us to be patient, have wisdom and dig deeper into ourselves to be better help to those around us.

First is Divine Feminine. Time to be a total softy! Sorry if you aren’t, but this is a delicate time in the sky! So be understanding, with open arms, and even broader listening. Be patient, don’t push-let it flow. Relax, buy your favorite lavender latte’, and be ready to hug and wipe tears if need be.

Second is Discernment. This doesn’t necessarily mean to detach and crawl into a hole! More so, pull your emotions out of your corner, because it’s obvious others need you now. Cancers, especially, respond to negative and positive environments. If you’re breathing down their neck, they’ll ‘shell’ up. However, be warm, inviting and at peace…and they will snuggle in the bosom of your respects. We are all under this moon, so don’t be surprised that the stronger willed need a shoulder to cry on.

Lastly, we have Integration. Confused? Don’t be. This reading speaks of unions, friendships…even work partnerships. But how YOU fit in it. The focus seems to be about others, but if you’re not emotionally sound yourself, who would want to bother with you? Take some time to assess how far you’ve come by looking at the good, bad and ugly. Life’s balance is negative and positive. Without either, nothing can be fully recognized. So…reveal yourself…to yourself. That way, your other unions can coexist in harmony. 

This reading is available all week on Infinite Iridescence!

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