Transmuting Energy


It’s an age old tale that a lot of us don’t believe. You very well should. 

Take note of this. Darkness develops more darkness, light not so much. But why?

A hoard of idiots thinks it can over take one or two Ascendant beings or an angel because it’s a hoard of idiots. The idea is to multiply the efforts, but just like their common vices (trying to gain more and seeking more control) it fails them.

Rumours attack one person. Trends fall on the doorstep of one person (at a time). Most of all, influence or other means of change to rule one’s mind with darkness always negates through crowds. The more the merrier, they think.

But then…someone is a renegade. No one is in their league. In order for anyone to take them down, many are needed…and the efforts do not work. If they were meant to work…only one enemy would be needed. 

The horde needs as many bodies as possible because it knows it cannot defeat light. It tries, and fails. Tenacity is a skill, but endurance gets you further. 

And fear….fear is it’s messenger. I have heard from many a “Christian” who cherish an unforeseen outcome in their own mind…but “pray the blood of Jesus” (which is actually satanic…blood sacrifices people) and claim their god has it under control.

First of all…the fight goes how you decide it. And with that type of faith…looks like you’ve already lost. Second, you…yourself are the beacon of light that shreds through the dark…countless times and you conquer it everytime…

Because most of our fears are laid out in our minds. When you hear news, it’s up to you to determine if it controls your life. Which means you’ve heard good news and bad. Let that sink it.

We like to believe it’s someone else’s fault. Folly is always your own. How you deal with shared energy is up to you as well. I constantly hear how someone “didn’t know,” as if there was never an opportunity to figure things out, and do right. When you mention that aspect of life, they shell up or say how hard it is…but never that they should try and everything will be alright.

When we think of evil and darkness…we think of monsters and demons. But, we also don’t consider that darkness is someone who cannot see a positive outcome because they’re either not allowed to…or because they cannot see. 

I know someone who always believes life was meant to be hard. My life…is not hard. I made proper choices no one sat down and taught me, to be honest. And when I was faced with darkness and adversity, I CHOSE LIGHT.

My life has not been easy. I have been molested, raped, neglected by my own mother. Lied to by my parents, used by my parents, verbally abused and cast down. Manipulated, mostly, by my parents. And they expected me to grow up into an exceptional person. When I caught wind of everything, it was a hard path for me. I had to forgive, forget and move on. When I held on to the pain, I buried myself in darkness…I could not see.

Then, one day, I realized it was meant to keep me down. Because there are things and were things I do that no one else can. I am a powerhouse. I am exceptional. So, upon that realization, I decided to let it go. 

It felt gross and unnecessary. I wasn’t able to see what I am truly capable of. I did all the things others did who have been hurt and refused to let go.

Now, my focus is on transmuting that negativity…to help other people. I realized the other day how much someone I care about needed me. While my hands are tied for other reasons, it didn’t mean I couldn’t send loving energy in their direction. But, could I help them…mad and confused?

I can’t…because I wouldn’t be able to help myself. So first, I help myself. And then I am able to help those who need my light. And the idea is to help, not seeking grandeur or praise. Just to help. Also, I might add…it took ME to realize that. Not a room full of people I barely like that I depend on for nothing but false hopes and attention.

This was a needed to be learned lesson, as I forced myself away from people harmful to my mental health, which included IRL “friends” and social media. I’ve even had to be careful with what I say to certain people because they seek to destroy your entire day with one phrase. Is it possible for that to happen? Only if I let it. But I soon realized, I didn’t have to give them the opportunity period. So, I remain cordial…not friendly.

It doesn’t mean you, I or anyone willing to practice this will have friends. I have a handful of people I trust my life with because we all understand that this war we’re fighting is everyday…and we don’t need any extra drama or bullshit. This also isn’t to say that we don’t deal with it. The idea is to focus on moving that negative energy out and replacing it with positive energy. 

Some days, it’s very hard. Some days, it’s a breeze. But a closely knit community of people you care about make it easier. Not many, few. 

Sounds close to the beginning of this blog, doesn’t it? 

I guess I meant to set it up like that!

As always, thanks for reading my blogs! Thanks for the likes, and new follows as well!

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