Make it Light!


In a sense, the movement of energy is magical!

I say this because of the effect both negative and positive energy have on just about anyone. 

Pull out your glitter cannons, sparkle batons and shimmery make up! This world is in dire need of some light. While we call the previously things mentioned “childish,” it’s actually the other way around. It is immature to believe life has nothing fun to offer. Let people talk about your colorful hair, odd outfits and the need to stand out. It shows how negative people really are. 

Think of energy in a color sense. And, actually, auras are a perfect example. In some cases, black, gray and brown signify death, disease and illness. (bright colors signify health, warmth, power, stability and so forth. Example: blue means peace and tranquility.) This isn’t to always suggest that someone dying would have this aura color. Some individuals pass, knowing it’s its time. But there are people who are vessels to darkness, and their auras show through. It is best to protect yourself first before dealing with individuals like this. But during your journey, you’ll learn to actually feel first before you see.

If at any time you are extremely nervous in a group setting, or suddenly feel down around certain people…they are either energy vampires…or are host to a dark entity. As mentioned before, keeping yourself protected is key. Put your shield of golden light around you at all times. Don’t give in to immature comments-that’s how you get sucked in. Embolden your presence by ignoring negativity. Randomly mention flowers, or a color you feel is just amazing. 

No, they won’t like that you just boldly changed the topic because you saw an attack coming, but their silence means they knew better in the first place.

Know someone continuously talking about the past, particularly themselves? It’s a cry for attention. As soon as you disagree, the fight will be on. Try this approach. You’ve made a hearty contribution to existence, so the other person feels it’s a competition. Let them begin speaking, then change the subject matter to someone else relevant, that isn’t seeking attention. It instantly takes the spotlight off of them, and makes them think about why they’re actually speaking!

It isn’t being mean! Two adults should never bump heads when one has a dark aura and the other is light. Instead of arguing, changing things around makes them view themselves-the thing they were trying to avoid in the first place.

Opinions are important when they’re needed. When it’s to criticize, hurt or change your view point-you’ve guessed it…you’re under attack. For a long time, I allowed ONE person to hurt me…when I realized that was her goal. Once I put my foot down, suddenly, excuses came out of the woodworks. Not apologies or empathy…excuses. I swallowed my pride, knowing they will never fully care. And the result is interesting.

They can’t speak on matters concerning me without instantly turning it into a competition, but can’t stomach my success or happiness. So they quickly apologize when they’ve been caught…and it happens almost every conversation. I, instead, act like I didn’t hear them or I kindly tell it like it is. It helps a lot. No need to fight. 

So, if someone feels you wear too much glitter or you should lose weight, throw it in their face! Make sure to let them know they have no control over your reality. Negativity negates balance. The messenger always knows that. They want you to cry, yell, and become frustrated. No, they do not want you to smile and walk away. It renders them useless. 

I realized sharing information with others goes a certain way. Those lost to darkness always suggest the worst outcome. I was told by my own mother, “IF you get paid for your film, and…”  IF I believed her, I’ll begin to doubt that my efforts to get the script noticed in the first place won’t pay off. She can then tell me I was never going to achieve it and so on and so forth. What a terrible thing to say! A good person would say, “I am so proud you made it this far. You’ll be so happy once you’re paid. Films are a lot of work.”

When you relay this information back to the perpetrator, they deny it down to their death. It’s only because you caught wind of it. When I realized the tactic was to make me settle…which in turn would suggest I did not push myself…I would live the rest of my life…regretting it. Filled with sorrow and doubts…I saw I was under attack.

Interesting, right? Not all dark forces seek blood the way we were taught. Darkness comes from within. But so does light!

So throw glitter EVERYWHERE! Make sure to get some in their eye! Don’t stoop to their level! Rise above! 

Because the only reason the darkness makes people do things like that…is because they know you can…and they are afraid of what you’re capable of!

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