Weekly Reading 4/27-5/3/2021- Birthing Light!

We are slowly slipping out of a full Scoprio moon (a super full moon…and a Pink Moon at that) The truth has been revealed. This has either brought you to your knees, made you cry or opened up things in a great way! (Or all of the above.)

By next Monday, we’ll be entering a waning last quarter moon, and to be fair…things can get weird. Aquarius, is, after all the oddballs on the zodiac. Get your facts straight, keep your emotions out of it…and get your point across.

This week, as the moon slips through a Mutable fire sign to a Cardinal earth sign, you can expect to feel up, down, stern and confused. Channel that negative energy that will come from this with positive actions. Start a new project, make a new friend…break an old habit. 

Meditate, and most of all. Stay rested. We will be approaching the Mercury Retrograde shadow around the 14th of May, and since it falls in an air sign, there’s a major possibility communication will be stale, hasty or nonexistent. I will blog about ways to help move that energy!


Today’s reading fondly goes along with the moon’s phase and sign. 

Fertility, which is first, shows us that anything is possible. Think about life in a new way, solve problems in a different fashion. And continue transmuting that negative energy. Fertility is also as it suggests-a baby could come forth. Whether it be a child, a project or a blossoming relationship. The ground is ready.

Next is Belief. This signifies how fertile that ground is! It means you;ve tilled the soil perfectly, and removed the weeds. The next card tells us why.

Empowerment, with no guessing here, shows that you were steadfast with all you’ve done and felt…and you are ready to reap what you’ve sown. This, though, helps those connected with you! As well as you. How amazing is that?

This Week’s reading will be available on Infinite Iridescence all week!

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