Planting a Seed

The beauty of life is learning something, and trying to apply it where you think it will fit. The hard part is getting over the disappointment, and acknowledging that it isn’t necessarily you. Finding a bad apple while trying to apply you newly learned gifts is tough-trust me when I say it is worth it.

You go along, looking for all the right signs, and end up surfacing the wrong things. After mulling it over in your mind…since you’ve been on this journey anyway, you begin to realize that learning through your journey is more amazing than you realized.

Because when you cross paths with the interpretation of your desires-full…unfiltered…actuality…you realize that your trips ups and lessons brought you to this glorious moment.

I am obviously a lover of love, but let’s speak on other matters since I am not the only one who exists! Isn’t it a profound feeling? It simply brings tears of joy to your eyes as you swaddle yourself in the truth of your existence and journey. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise-you were meant to be at this moment of time and it was surely meant for you! It’s tough living in this day and age, when everything is set to weedle the truth of connections and spirituality out of you. 

You want to gain ground on the things you adore, and you’ve been told it is unrealistic. That matter isn’t up to anyone but YOU.

We have all spent a lifetime trying to do whatever it is we desire, and have been told, rather…that slaveship is our destiny. I am so glad that the Age of Aquarius is here…that oneliner is less likely to work (You should be more “realistic” with your goals in life, try finding a “real” job)

Aside from doing what you love, this simply goes for anything. I know it is hard to see the way I do, but I’ve broken down so many barriers, it’s hard for me to think otherwise. I simply refuse to acknowledge the manipulative bullshit set in place to insure people don’t thrive. It is gross, actually, to assume no one would feel some type of way during that process of attempting to rid individuals of their soul. 

It passes down from parent to child, and so on…but usually…(and recently) the child has put their foot down. We’re told to play, have fun…and as we get older…our imaginations aren’t real, even though we can clearly see what we’re seeing. We follow a set of guidelines that keeps us in order for someone else. As soon as you step away from it, people begin saying you’re crazy…and how you’ll fail.

We all have choices to make. Which goes for the naysayers too. You have the choice to follow your own path, instead of judging what someone else is doing. 

The more you begin ignoring negativity and realizing why it’s happening, the more you begin to see what you’re truly capable of. People who are stuck will always tell you what you can and cannot do…because they’re are limited to negativity. They’ve stunted their own growth. It takes a lot to move away from the crowd. And it is hard…because of the system that’s in place. But I guarantee it is totally worth it in every way.

All we need is a seed to be planted.

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