Your Days Are Numbered


Altogether, life is hard, depending on your point of view.

Last year, we witnessed an ulterior motive being played out before our eyes. And, unfortunately, those who are easily fooled fell for it.

When a corrupt government plans a pandemic and hands out free money, you can guarantee that the rug is meant to be pulled from under you. 

America, in general, suffers from a severe drug and alcohol problem as it is. Toss in high doses of radiation, and you’ve got yourself the perfect plan.

Those zombie, apocalyptic movies we all adore so much are happening right in front of our eyes. Not the way you envisioned it, though, is it?

If you’re reading this, you should know that if you can’t grasp my concepts…or my words anger you…it’s perhaps too late. There’s no reason to kill off anyone, but fear dictates those who rule as well. If they had any power, a thing such as a pandemic would not exist.

No matter what anyone is doing, these terms would not matter. As I speak about in previous blogs, balance needs both light and dark. There is such a thing as chaotic good-meaning the good will is used for ill intent (selfish gain, and so on) Help is meant to help and nothing more, gaining from sacrifice is spayed out from karma…no need to take as you give.

The balance is unturned, which is why “old” entities have returned. To restore balance. Balance is needed because neither dark or light can rule by itself. Both are needed for existence to stay in the Ebb and Flow.

I’ve seen two of MY planted seeds working for this world’s favor. I’ll take my small doses of fame out of particularism. 

Some of you know, some of you don’t. Either way, it’s alright.

I originally started writing this blog out of frustration-people aren’t working. How stupid could you possibly be? Very. My job is to burn things down…and build them up correctly.

I am being deprived of someone I care for, so don’t not take my words lightly.

To the people-

If it is easy, it isn’t worth it. Of all times to give up, darkness has clouded over. The horde thinks it can win because you’re allowing it to think so.

Your dirtied air, modified foods and poisoned minds are proof of your shallow souls. If you question why you’ve been passed over, you will not be heard when you cry.

But those of you twisted in the thicket of despair…who have tried and are still being used. I see you, don’t give up. It is mind over matter. Keep waking up, keep pushing, keep thriving. Cry it out…pick it up and move on. You will be greatly rewarded.

To the “powers that be”-

I see you writhing in your filth. Hating yourselves but not being able to stop. You’ve cast yourselves down and live in fear constantly…the day has come and you know at any moment…you will cease to matter.

It’s obviously too late, and we know you won’t stop. But me and those like me will destroy, burn down and build up correctly, without honoring your existence the least bit. The horde rides in large numbers for fear of being overtaken…by a handful of Ascendant Beings.

Your fear is your demise…and your downfall. And your days are numbered.

This though, you already knew

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