May 4th-10th 2021 Reading- Feminine, Loving and Looking for Change

This Aquarius to Pisces moon will definitely have you drifting off into La La Land…but that isn’t a bad thing.

Spring is definitely in full swing, and sometimes, seasons can have changes to our hormonal drives, as well as our emotions. Soak in the dreamy eyed Pisces vibes with your loved one. Or…don’t be afraid to allow yourself to drift away. It’s quite alright.

Pisces is a feminine sign as well, so enjoy those budding flowers…such as lilacs and irises around the neighborhood. Treat yourself with a mani, or indulge in a new wine. Whatever you do…make it dreamy and lovey dovey.

Because by next Monday, we slip back into a hard working sign that relaxes a little too hard…and is afraid of their own shadow. The moon will be in Taurus by May 10th, and the mood will change by then. Fortunately, the following day, it’ll be transitioning into easy, breezy Gemini for a moment in time.


Today’s reading coincides perfectly with the moon’s sign. It’s is a feminine draw, suggesting to all on ways to rediscover the use of touch-and not just someone else (or yourself)

Tantric Experience does suggest our sexual nature, but if you’re single, a sensual experience with another is rather hard. So…get out and enjoy nature. Take in the sights, appreciate the colors and get lost in the scents. In a relationship? Shift gears. A hug is a sensual experience shared with another-no-you don’t necessarily have to have sex to share energy. 

Divine Feminine comes just in time for Mother’s Day. It is a reminder on how powerful a woman truly is. Remind yourself how both masculinity and femininity are needed, as we tend to think one is better than the other. Embrace this side of you because it allows you to see more.

Change is our final card. It means that understanding the balance of the things just written allows you to flow like our Pisces moon-perhaps to uncharted waters. But you’re a fish today, so no big deal…right? Let it flow meaning, to understand the change, accept it…and embrace it.

This week’s reading will be available on Infinite Iridescence until May 11th!

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