Mercury Retrograde- Gemini, Magic Cusp


Starts May 29th, Ends June 22nd 2021.

The Shadow begins May 14th

Each Retrograde happens under an air sign, this time, Gemini.

Spiritual guidance is as simple as that.

I do trip up from time to time, especially during Mercury Retrograde. All three will occur during air signs (first was Aquarius from Jan 31st – Feb 20th 2021)

Next is Gemini, May 30th to June 22nd, give or take. 

This will definitely affect everyone. Especially one sign in particular.

Geminis! In fact, this will be a time that the playful air sign will need to use a bit of Discernment. 

Even if you’re on a cusp, you’ll need to be safe. If it’s in your charts via North Node or it’s your rising sign, time to hunker down. The retrograde shadow begins the effects May 14th 2021.

Things to do during this time- 

Transmutation of negative energy will definitely be needed. The best way to do this is to cleanse your house with lavender incense. Vanilla would work as well, but lavender is best. Keep your crystals cleansed and charged. Stay rested, be mindful of moderation. Don’t agree to anything…from anyone… especially business wise. 

If your spouse is a Gemini, keep your conversations CLEAR and to the point. The first two weeks will be exceedingly rough for them. Be patient, be kind and loving. Geminis love language is words of affirmation. Keep it light with jokes. But don’t overload them with anything. 

Be encouraging. 

Those of you on The Magic Cusp (June 15th-23rd) should expect things to be bumpy as well. However, your issues won’t be as worrisome. You have the ability to choose which side you feel like being. I suggest you do so immediately!

Everyone else can expect electronic malfunctions, especially. Communication will be difficult if you don’t heed this advice. And relationships can take a sour turn. 

Patience, rest, meditation and civility will help you through these coming weeks. Some won’t be able to clarify why they’re upset. Others will have outbursts. 

Do not start a new relationship during a retrograde, it will not last. Expect exes or friends you’ve cut off to pop up. Expect drama. 

The best way to deal with drama is to act like it doesn’t exist. Ha! Don’t give in, negative energy LOVES retrogrades. 

Fire signs will be restless, Earth signs will feel stuck even more, and Air signs will be a blustering mess. 

Follow these steps to ease your woes-

  • Cleanse your house with lavender incense weekly, burn before bedtime every night
  • Meditate
  • Eat healthy, exercise 
  • Get plenty of rest  
  • Don’t jump to conclusions
  • Double check messages received and sent 
  • Be patient 
  • Don’t sign any contracts that are work related. And don’t start new relationships.

This won’t stop the retrograde, but it will make your life a little more peaceful. There’s also a portal still open that won’t close until the 23rd of May. That in combination with the shadow will probably cause a lot of chaos, as the vibrational shift is already being felt.

I hope this advice helps! Try remaining positive!

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