Weekly Reading May 11th-17th, Indulge in “Health Love”

We find ourselves entering a new moon in Taurus, and lucky for us, this sign likes to indulge pretty hard. Take some time to do some health love, above all. 

Yes, buy the shirt, but buy things you know will help your body in the long run. Maybe change your diet to fit your needs, or cut things out that aren’t needed. 

Focus on self love as well, as the moon waxes and slips through Gemini, Cancer, then Leo by next Tuesday. This is when we’d have to remind ourselves not to indulge too much!

Gemini and Cancer leave a mystical pulse in the air at the end of the week, which is perfect for confessing your feelings, or creating new art. Meditation will help in the long run, as both signs are moody and slightly unstable.


This week’s reading coincides perfectly with the moon. Time for renewal!

Healing can cover all areas. So think-which area in your life needs healing? Start there, and focus transmuting negative energy to positive energy to fully help the process. Let the past go, make a new friend or begin working out to feel better all the way around. Take what you’re doing, and be proud of yourself. Healing is being sent your way.

Second is the Heart Chakra, reminding us how much love really does help. This works perfectly, hand in hand with our first card. Love is definitely the key to healing and renewal. Soak up the love you get, and make sure to spread your own. 

Last is Consciousness. This is a bow wrapped on a gift labeled “infinite.” You get back what you put out, and the possibilities are endless. Do so selflessly-it makes your story sweeter, and your efforts much more worth it.                                                                                                              

Check out this reading all week on Infinite Iridescence!                                                                                                                                                                     

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