Violence is Pointless


Are you like Judas?

I am in no way religious, but I recall the path Judas strayed upon, and I see it now as the greatest example…ever. 

The rising up of anything sounds grand, war and death filled. And yet, the opposing side isn’t looking to chop anyone’s heads off. 

Violence, believe it or not, is of darkness. While defending yourself may be necessary…killing thousands to prove you are of light is actually ass backwards. 

If it can be avoided, it should be. I can’t think of a time that killing someone solved a problem. It got a message across in several different ways, but it didn’t solve anything. 

Fighting back physically is falling into the abyss of darkness. A more intelligent method is to understand that it is all spiritual warfare. 

I am suggesting that violence is for neanderthals. People who can’t see past their nose. Physicality is a material aspect of this world. While large muscles, and big guns seem to get the job done…fighting fire with fire only creates a bigger fire. 

I used to believe that physically beating another person was key to resolve, but as I got older, I realized that you could beat on someone until they’re black and blue…and they’d just keep coming back for more. 

The end result is death if you truly wish to end things. And it isn’t really anyone’s job to take someone’s life to teach them a lesson.

We often look at film and entertainment, assuming our waking life is filled with death and violence. But rarely do zombies burst from the seams of a store…nor does someone try to blow the planet up. 

We, as humans, prefer violence for entertainment. I, for one,keep action sequences as quick as possible with little detail on injuries, death or body count. 

If someone came up to you and punched you in the face, punching them back or beating them up could result in assault charges. Instead, take the blow. Gather yourself  and call for help? Even still, do you want to deal with pressing charges because someone is an idiot? Vengeance isn’t a good color on anyone.

You’d further perpetuate darkness. But letting it go (which would be ridiculously hard) changed the tides in light’s favor. It would make the offender consider what you did as well. 

I brought this topic up because it had been in my heart. It makes perfect sense, especially after the things I’ve been through. 

It’s actually harder to face the darkness in your dreams with absolute uncertainty. As opposed to slapping someone in the face for hurting you. You could be overtaken by the darkness, swallowed up and deaf before you realized how much power you really have. 

While humans will continue fighting each other, as the powers that be continue finding ways to force people to believe violence is the answer, those fighting in the Spirit World understand me 100%.

Everyone has a dealing with Creation, therefore, unless otherwise asked, transmutation, and protection are the only things needed. And that alone is extremely hard. Your imagination and belief help the rest. It is something that has to be constantly learned and used, daily. 

This is a major reason why. Karma. There isn’t a need to chase down a crazy person. It only makes you crazy. Step back and understand what it is they’ve done, first. If you can’t, you have no business bringing someone else to justice. It means you’d do the same thing if you were in their shoes. 

No one likes to hear that, but it’s true. So, it means that death isn’t a thing of order. It was created to control. And it is abused. I want anyone reading this blog to heavily consider this, because governing a populace should never include killing people. 

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