Weekly Reading May 25th-May 31st- Divine Energy has Come!

This week’s moon transitions from Scorpio-the tale tell…to Sagittarius-the wanderlust.

Tomorrow, we’ll have a treat in the sky. A full moon in Sagittarius, and an eclipse. Despite old beliefs, eclipses are another way to “open” or close portals. This signifies the closing of a portal, and the changing of your world. Sagittarius is a mutable sign, and this means things are going to go the way you envisioned them-especially with a little fire sign pick me up.

What have you dreamt of? Worked towards? This is that time to reap what you sow, so to speak. Whether it was a few years ago, or a decade. Time to do your happy dance. We have also entered a Saturn retrograde RIGHT before the Mercury retrograde. A Saturn retrograde, with Jupiter nearby seals the deal with what I previously mentioned. Those of you who trust the Universe, The Ebb and Flow and the Source are about to be blessed in such abundance, you may not be able to stand it!

Mercury Retrograde does start on May 29th (the end of this week), but it supremely affects Taurus, Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio and Gemini-only because it’s passing through that sign. Geminis on the Cancer cusp may see a great deal of movement in the right direction. And, it may turn out that Gemini needs to clean house, rather than experience Murphy’s Law-let’s make that very clear.


Sorry if you’re a prude or a saint, this reading is about exploring your sexual atmosphere-with your mate. And this is why.

Divine partners are a real thing. If you’ve received guidance, you would have learned that your connection with your soulmate increases exponentially during and after sexual intercourse. It is no mistake that these cards were pulled.

First we have Divine Feminine. If you are a woman, it’s asking you to tap into your much softer side. You’re not bait or a gazelle, but rather, absolute serenity in femininity…so much to the point that your counterpart cannot stand being without you. If you are male, this means it’s time to feel her out…and you’ll find how much more sensitive this act will make you as well.

Next is Tantric Experience. Yes, kissing, hugging, touching, sex. All of it matters so wildly right now, you’ll wish you hadn’t ignored it before. You’re sealing a deal, and in turn, if it’s done for the right reason (love, union, relationship, etc) you’ll find that these shared moments will be ultimately intense. More so than you ever imagined.

Lastly is Belief. While we try to stray away from the religious terminology when it comes to spirituality, let’s focus on the reality you’ve built. Your belief circles around it in most cases, but this time you’re being asked to indulge so deeply, you’ll need to take a step back. You’ll scare yourself, in a good way. But seeing everything happen because you planted the right seeds is much more satisfying than you think. 

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  1. Simon says:

    There’s a lot going on then… 🙂

    1. The Gorgeous Nerd says:

      Lol for sure 😉

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