Knowing Your Purpose

Those of us that are ascendant beings have a job to do. And it isn’t to claim glory or fame. 

It is fearful, knowing you’ve committed a crime against humanity, and are waiting for the day you’ll have to pay for what you’ve done. 

But how about we botch our existence further by stating we are the “bride of christ.”

A woman, who I shall not name, supposedly, accidentally killed one of her children, after trying to murder her first born. It was questionable for years in my mind, until recently, when his rotting corpse-like spirit crept to my bedside, asking to be freed.

He spent 34 years as her prisoner, and was used when she welded her magic to control and hurt others. At first, I banished him. Until I heard him say a name that shook me to the core.

Let’s say it was Gregory. He could only say, “I am Gregory.” My eyes widened, as I lay motionless in my bed at 2am, realizing why I saw a portal just minutes before seeing Gregory. 

His face was twisted in at the mouth and nose-he had been suffocated when he was two months old. His eyes were contorted and yellowed. His disfigured body resembled a large infant-a bloated gut, and hunched over limbs made up the rest of Gregory as I calmly told him he had no business being there. 

He did not leave. 

I consulted my spiritual mother who is also familiar with Gregory and the odd story behind his death. How his mother “accidentally” killed him. The problem was, he had been roaming around for all these years-and after consulting the angel that watches over me and my offspring, I came to find he had been murdered. 

She did not want boys, she wanted girls. So she tried killing the first, who is still alive and representative of a golem like character. No soul, no purpose. Disgusting, rude, and senseless all of his days. 

It chilled me to the bone. I realized why she harbored him. This self proclaimed bride of Christ used his death in darkness to sicken, control and torment her other offspring, and even her dead ex husband. 

Without further questioning, I called upon Creation energy, the Creator, Michael and my higher self to allow Gregory to pass over-to be free of his bondage. 

I had never been so afraid and angry at the same time. 

Michael, Gregory and my spiritual mother all patteD me on the back. Gregory thanked me after being released, and I was told I did the right thing…something that marked how great I was. Gregory knew I could send him off,and unfortunately had to wait until I was ready. 

That broke my heart. I did not know he was in bondage. I am glad I was able to allow him passage.

I am not a self proclaimed ascendant being, goddess or entity. It was a path I walked on, starting with metaphysical energy and spirituality. The realization of man made religions and the conformity this world knows pushed me to my journey. 

Others came to me, with dreams, visions and proof. Finally, Michael, the archangel, confirmed things for me. But, I am not here to rule, order or hurt anyone. 

My job is what I’ve just done. I can tell you, had I not picked the path I walk on, Gregory would have never come to me. 

My goal is to transmute and inspire. And, to burn the bs on the planet down to the ground and build it back up properly. 

It has only just begun. 

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Simon says:

    That’s quite a story, I can’t imagine how you must have felt.

    1. The Gorgeous Nerd says:

      Afraid. Humbled for sure. Needless to say, I didn’t hesitate.

      1. Simon says:

        Needless to say ..

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