The Delgado-A Cancerian Gemini

We’ve talked about this before. It’s obvious I have an affinity for Shawn Delgado. If you’ve read the series, you know why.

A few months ago, I wrote a few blogs about what Zodiac sign he could be and I finally landed on the perfect answer.

While a lot of men feel brute strength and physicality win the day, and save the damsel…did anyone acknowledge benevolence and intelligence would fare better?

How do you view The Keeper of Life?

He seems to be on the “macho” side. Sleeveless coats and shirts, weapons, and the willingness to fight. Hopefully, you don’t suffer from tunnel vision, because there is one major aspect that leads to all of this. It is his inability to not save individuals he feels needs saving.

Shawn Delgado is willing to go against everything to save those close to him, and that, dear fans, is the tell-tale signs of a character created on the Gemini-Cancer Cusp. This is also known as The Cusp of Magic.

It’s important to me because it’s fun!

Do you know someone born on that cusp, particularly male? I know three!

The person I am thinking of in particular would probably agree. He’s a total badass! But the reason he is able to do all he does is partly due to the cusp he was born on.

Let’s dig further into Shawn Delgado, though. So you can see what I see.

Firstly, it took him a decade to finally go after Alana. The major reason was because of her age-if Shawn was caught taking the 17 year old Alana (at that time) he could have faced major consequences. He also felt weird about it, because Alana is very beautiful. So, Shawn bided his time. When he was finally able to get to her, he was extremely expressive-not only sexually, but emotionally. There is a mention that once he “gets into something”, he becomes obsessed. This is something he openly confesses to the newly captured Alana, who is actually being treated like royalty. To sum this up, though. Both Cancers and Gemini are insanely patient. Since Gemini are typically indecisive, it made the matter more pressing. The result had to be suitable, even if he didn’t want to do it. Gemini are overthinkers by nature-Cancerian men, especially are loyal. Both signs are obsessive when it comes to the opposite sex. It isn’t a bad mix when it comes to this.

The second sign is his crew, as we go further. Aside from Dale, the other two members are literally fugitives of the law, especially Manny aka Emmanuel Ramos. He puts up with their crap, and in turn they are free and safe-for the most part. While Delgade has his issues, his biggest problem is bringing in “stray cats.”

Third, and I’m sure everyone noticed this. Shawn Delgado killed his keeper for his freedom at the age of three thousand years old, but when asked by Manifesto to fetch his other half and bring her in, he obligingly agrees. It’s only funny because he was in bondage under Manifesto. Once freed, he left and didn’t return. Though Manifesto sought Shawn out for the job, he could have turned it down. But something told him Alana was worth the trouble…especially after seeing how beautiful she was.

Lastly, a very pointedly drawn detail in the story line that is a dead giveaway this guy is on the cusp I speak of…

He, without giving more of the story away, allows Alana to leave him. It appears he’s doing his job, when really, he’s showing Manifesto their ass before he shows out and ends up saving her. He didn’t contact her afterwards, nor did Manifesto know he would be coming. He had a very strong inkling. To describe this last point, before I flesh out the rest…Cancerians Chakras are the Third Eye Chakra. They have strong intuition, and will instantly, shamelessly…call you out on your crap. It also means they’re very good at feeling things out. They didn’t need you to tell them, they already knew.

All of these aspects, from my experience, match Shawn Delgado very well. As you know, you create your reality. Which is why it’s important to write amazing books! I was told by several people that my work is prophetic. Unfortunately, most of it takes place in Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts. But as far as my past, present and future…that’s all littered in both Dirty Deities novels.

Sometimes, when you write, you think you’re doing the unimaginable. But that’s how this universe was created. By the design of imagination. It’s been known that individuals could create absolute chaos, like monsters and storms…just from a simple thought. Never doubt what you’re capable of. But also…don’t create any monsters.

Geminis are cool headed under pressure, so it seems. But they become indecisive halfway through…and choke. This was representative when Shawn did not turn Alana in, but allowed her to make the choice herself. To the audience, it seems like Shawn meant to do that all along, but in actuality, he fought about this decision long before taking Alana on board his ship- the choice he made would affect him all his days.

And of course, he saved her. While both the Gemini and Cancer shine through, I speak of someone who is a Gemini on the Cancer cusp. It was an, “Ah! I changed my mind! I’m coming,” moment, that resulted in Manifesto’s demise. Saving her the way he did? 100% Cancerian. Cancers don’t seem like the type, but they are very confident in what they’re capable of. It seems crazy, awe-inspiring and hopeless. But they manage to pull through.

Shawn, like most Cancerians, keeps a small circle. He has his trusted crew, had a deep affinity for Alana…and that was enough for him. He only got reeled back in because his true sign shined through.

I have studied cusps, and most of the signs. I can tell you about each sign like I was born to do so, but individuals born on cusps cannot fully be explained or understood. That’s what makes them so interesting. Some would say, “oh, they act like a Pisces on the Aries cusp,” but that’s the wrong way to put it. They act like both Pisces and Aries…and it’s also depending on what it is that’s put in front of them.

Learn the difference. Your rising sign may shine through if your favorite song comes on. But please know that the way you move through life and react to things depends on your sign. So people born on cusps are just a different breed!

While I thought I made Shawn excessively emotional and in need of constant hugs, a man born on the Gemini/Cancer Cusp is ESPECIALLY MOODY. Shawn threw so many tantrums in the series, it was tough to call what was going on, aside from the obvious. But the one person who calmed his tormented waters was Alana.

Geminis are emotional…but Cancerians are moody. It means they’ll love the absolute hell out of you. It also means…they can’t deal. A really good example of this is in the second novel, Shawn is trying to apologize to Alana, who just wants him to shut up and crawl out of the crater he made. He yells, “didn’t you hear me apologize!?” She did.

And, Cancerians, unlike Geminis, ‘shell’ up when things get too much for them. It’s usually when they’re tired or fed up. If you’re the apple of their eye, you actually don’t get to experience their fits-they keep you away from it. But be warned, pushing those born on this cusp to the limit could be catastrophic in many ways.

I love writing, discovering new wonders and sharing my thoughts with others! It’s so much fun! I’m glad I could pin the cusp Shawn Delgado seemed to filter through. It fits him perfectly!

As always, thanks for reading! Thanks for the new likes and follows I receive daily!

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