Weekly Reading June 1st-June 7th 2021- Prosperous Love


This waning gibbous moves from Aquarius to Pisces, heightening our empathy for others. It simply means not to beat yourself up about it, but to see who you can help.

The weekend, things heat up. You’ll be planted back on solid ground while the moon transitions through Pisces to Aries. By next week, you can expect to be back to business as usual.

But for those of you in newly started or passionate relationships, the sky is helping you out. Pisceans are surreal and dreamy when it comes to love, as one of their ruling planets is Neptune. 

But, this speaks of the idea to do, instead of dream. It will be all the more worth it.


Those of you who understand how important soulmates are will thoroughly enjoy this reading. Rejoice! Confirmation never came more concrete than this.

First, we have Prosperity. This is a significant sign for love, first-finances and shiny things later. Love helps manifest, and relationships thrive better when love is the key ingredient. Prosperity, though, speaks of all aspects. Not just funds or material items. Be happy you found love, which is a good place to start counting all the ways.

Next is the Heart Chakra. This is a healing Chakra in and of itself. It is suggesting, in this spread, that your experience with your lover or those you love will heal you, coinciding with the previous card. Love is healing, and offers the chance for abundance as well as reflection. Wear it on your sleeve for your lover.

Lastly, Romantic Love wraps up our reading for this week. Your time spent, love made, movies laughed at and so on…are setting the stage for last week’s reading. We spoke about relationships actually meaning more than what they seem. Your love shared creates and stabilizes your reality. This speaks of a healthy relationship, which involves deep and abiding love. 

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