Weekly Reading June 8th-June 14th 2021- Love, in Abundance


Our moon has transcended into a waning crescent, as it passes through Taurus this Tuesday. This means you’ll be down to business, quiet and maybe even tired!

But that’s alright. There’s a new moon…eclipse…gliding through Gemini soon, which means you’ll be playful and ready to go from all that hard work! A new moon indicates new beginnings, new opportunities, and even a new mindset. With it in a solar eclipse…means these things will be highly illuminated.

The sign that benefits the most from this is Gemini. You may be able to see your future a lot clearer. Whether it be love, finances, or a project you’ve been thinking about.

Anyone with Gemini as a rising sign, or if your moon in your charts was in Gemini, this too is a great opportunity for you.

While these amazing sky treats help everyone, this is definitely geared towards our giddy and loving air sign friends.

By next week, the moon will be waxing, slipping through our skies into Leo as a crescent, and showering down the decadence of not taking things too seriously. After this, analytical and pretentious Virgo shines true.

You’ve got the tools. Now, what shall you do?


This week’s reading is still flowing from a reading two weeks ago. It will more than likely be nonstop! But that’s what happens when the flood gates open.

First we have Allowance. If you haven’t already, drop everything you’re doing and focus on what the Universe has already provided. Give into that trust, let your spirit fly. Now is the time. Instead of controlling and conforming, freely flow as the chances you have of moving forward and thriving are here.

Next is Throat Chakra-That would be the Chakra for Gemini. Remember what I wrote beforehand? The time is now. Whether in your charts or not, speak freely of your love, show your confidence, step like you know your footage is certain. But smile about it, as you are about to truly be blessed.

Lastly is Prosperity! Yes, that card was pulled. Why? We’re on a path that leads to abundance. Everything is connected and flows together, just like our friendly air sign (when we can get them to pay attention) You will begin to see, if you haven’t already, how grand everything will be. But remember…we speak not only of money or things…but of joy, peace, happiness, love, sex…you name it! It all fits with this vibration.

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