Why do You Want to be Rich


Here we go again.

I could end and begin this blog in one sentence. Maybe two.

Everytime the Democrats are in office, they begin to pick on the wealthy, because they want people to think that the wealthy are the reason they are poor.

You are poor because you decided to believe there is no other option out there, except to work as a slave and be poor. I, for one, am fully aware of all the possibilities. And I have to be completely honest, I don’t like how the super rich are being targeted.

My wealth is to my name-I have a net worth of a substantial amount. I can sell my rights, and invest in the stock market, but have decided against it at the moment, since I own my trademark and that has done well for me.

This is why “taxing the wealthy” is just as stupid as it sounds.

You’re going to tax my non-taxable income? Yes, net worth counts as income due to the fact that it’s an asset. Anything that gives you money is an asset, whether stationary or fluctuating. When I pass, my children can sell my rights for whatever money comes from that.

Here’s another reason why this is ridiculous. The school system isn’t set up to teach people how to gain wealth, it’s set up to keep people as slaves. Yes, you’ve got a business management degree and are working for a large firm. Congratulations, you’re a higher paid hamster. But a hamster nonetheless. Unless you own the business and have substantial money to your name, you are a slave. 

Everytime the Dems are in office, they manage to keep up the same act. Where do these tax dollars go? Why are some of these congressmen and women floating in wealth in this exact same party, but suggesting we go after self made rich people for taxes? Are you going to pay back the taxes you stole from the smaller men and women you’re constantly lying to?

While wealth is technically also tied up into estates, yachts, even jewelry, this idea has melted and warped the brains of those who don’t understand. People really think a million dollars in their bank account makes them rich. It’s spendable money that you can’t get back once you spend it. 

The idea of being rich is to have the type of wealth that sticks around, which is why I bring up my net worth. IRA, CD accounts, stocks, investments…all of these are ways to help gain wealth. If you spend it all on cars, an expensive house and it’s payments, you’re the person who fumbled their money.

My rights and net worth are there for two reasons- in case I die untimely because I have lupus. And to use as a bargaining chip for the entertainment business, which has definitely proven to be a smart move, considering the amount I’ll be paid for my script and for filming when it starts. 

Understand this- I don’t feel everyone should be rich. There are too many people with ill intent. More so, people don’t understand a thing about being rich in the first place. It is not just fancy housing, nice cars and expensive dinners. That’s how you end up going broke. But this is being taught, as a ‘shame on those rich people’ type of deal, and I’m completely over it. 

Screw you. Figure out how to obtain wealth yourself. It’s hard, and when you finally get it…people literally sniff you out and try to use you. I have no desire to shop for expensive things that would have me selling my soul just to look nice.

While I do want a Lamborghini, I will say that it isn’t necessary. I have a plan set in place, and I’m perfectly fine waiting for the moment I can purchase it…and own it. But, I haven’t put this above all else. 

Let’s also view wealth as the effort you put into your life. I feel, if you haven’t gotten to that point yet, and you supposedly tried everything…it’s a reflection on your true efforts and intent. Everything has a spiritual connection. From spiritual input and output. Don’t like that I’ve said that? Someone needed to. Money is an Entity, it does what it feels like. If you attract it, your efforts are good. If you steal it…obviously your a dumb ass. If you view your life negatively…you will either always be broke or have limited understanding of it. And most of all, if you allow it to control you, you’ll end up dead, poor and angry.

That isn’t being explained either, but it is the absolute truth. People are willing to sell their kids for $3k. What the fuck is that going to do for anyone? Nothing. I’m supposed to feel some kind of way because you fucked your life over? 

We were all taught the same thing in school here in America. So for those of you who didn’t learn past a certain point, and fell for the bullshit- THAT IS YOUR FAULT. Lessons are all around you. It’s no one else’s problem but yours. The government, your mom and the god you pray to cannot fix that for you.

But you can.

Going after the rich is an age old tale, and I’m tired of hearing about it. I, as someone who is wealthy, didn’t obtain my fortune by ripping people off, lying, raping or killing anyone. And when I figured out how to do it, I also didn’t throw it in anyone’s face so I could pretend I was somehow better. 

The construct of this system is to keep you down. It’s up to you to decide if you’re going to allow someone else to run your life. 

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