When You’re About to be Blessed


    This is a lesson in understanding what happens when you’re in the midst of being blessed.

    Even if you hadn’t shared your story with everyone, it can be felt when you’re about to be blessed with absolute abundance. Your trials and errors were seen by all, but you overcame a lot to be in the position you are in today. You deserve it when you understand.

    Since no one is perfect, people LOVE pulling up your past, or reminding you of something you’ve done. I was told this is done to hide their ugly and dark secrets.

    You think to yourself, “I can shove what they are back into their face.” But actually, I was also advised you should not. Because, if they’re crazy enough to not let go of the past and try to control you with drama and nonsense, reminding them of the terrible things they’ve done will do you no good. 

    You would be just like them.

    The thing is, why bring things up in the first place? To lower your vibration. But you are a BOSS. A GODDESS! A shining beam of the brightest light! Will it work?

    Only if you allow them to lower your vibration. Once you’ve made it past a certain point, what you say can actually turn the tides. And how you say it, too. Don’t yell, scream or throw a fit. Make valid points. Remind them that everyone makes mistakes. Ask them why they’re bringing up old things, and most of all, let them know, respectfully, that you feel disrespected.

    Chances are they will apologize. Do they mean it sincerely? Probably not. But you have kept your sanity intact, and most of all…you didn’t lower your vibration.

    While we always envision some random stranger saying the worst and ruining our day, it’s usually a close family member, or someone who claims to be a friend. This usually occurs when you will spiritually ascend, or ascend here on earth. You don’t need to say much, it can be felt in the spirit. 

    Like attacks during late night hours, blatant verbal attacks work the same. The more you fight, the harder it becomes to free yourself from the argument. People who like to play games with others emotions like this ARE EVIL. There is no other way to call it. Respond respectfully, calmly but sternly. Make your points known. And then, leave it alone-especially after they’ve apologized. Find something to calm your mind. Meditate, listen to music. Even cleaning will help. Don’t sit up and find things about them you can use against them. Just let it go. At the end of the day, it isn’t worth fighting with fools.

    Recall things that are going to happen. A new job, a new house or car, a payment, even a new relationship. If it’s something you worked towards and you’ve gotten it…expect to be attacked. HOWEVER, if you’re gaining something new…you’ve learned a lesson. So use what you’ve learned against the darkness. 

    It is naive to think because you’re about to be blessed, nothing else will happen. I like to think of it as a way of them hoping to drag you down so you can enjoy it less. Or…you’ll fumble it and can be as low as them. Religious people…who use their crooked idealisms to attempt to control others typically swoop in, and in this case, tell you to “pray.” “You should have listened to me…or God.” “It’s okay if you don’t go all the way. It was never meant to be.”

    These aren’t words of comfort, they’re hoping you blanket yourself in deceit and drink their warm cup of lies so they can have their way with you. It isn’t up to anyone else what happens in your life, so how dare they even try suggesting the lowest of low things.

    Giving up. 

    They’ve given up. They have sick, twisted secrets they keep. They are blind. And their intent is to kill your spirit since theirs is already dead. 

    People who truly care about you always go out of their way for you, without you asking. Money isn’t an object, but used to help. And your appearance, race…even how you eat soup…isn’t a problem to them. They genuinely love you. 

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