Weekly Reading June 15th-21st 2021: Time Remember the Truth About Reality


Today, a waxing crescent is in our skies, floating in firm and stern Virgo. You’re only feeling this way because you’re trying to decide well. 

By the weekend we find ourselves lost in even more decisions-a Libra moon means we want to be fair.

In love, especially. By next Monday, it’ll be a Scorpio moon. This means feelings…or secrets will be revealed. 

As for today and this week, do something for yourself. Virgos have a tendency to turn heel when things get too much for them. Libras flake as well, causing a scene as they leave. 

First, better judge before you speak. Since Mercury Retrograde is still upon us, think twice before speaking or doing anything. 

Lastly, rest and meditate. You can make better decisions that way!


Our weekly reading coincides perfectly with today’s moon…even through next Monday. 

The goal here is to understand not all is what it appears. 

Those of you who have accepted the abundance you received are not sure if you should pinch  yourself. 

First, is Perception. What you’ve been told is a lie especially if it’s conforming. Focus on what you’ve manifested and not what a supposed holy book or two has to say. Common sense keeps us all from stepping over the line, so don’t worry about that. Worry about your reality. And how grand you can make it 

Second is Soul Time. As we have previously discussed, a lot of you have made a connection recently that has your heart racing and your head spinning. Take a moment to feel your lover out, though. Your souls should be intertwined and dancing together, even when you’re not in the same room. 

Lastly is Merkabah. It’s a reminder of the first card, to be honest. Not everything you’ve learned on Earth is true. And when you’ve accepted your gifts…you unlock so many layers of yourself. This marks a “what you thought you knew,” stance. Did you know that souls mate? And, you can bring each other healing. This is why there’s such a big rush about falling in love. While sex is amazing, consider knowing how your mate feels or reacts before they do? It’s a connection you cannot ignore. This card reminds us to dig a little deeper, and to look past man made ideologies of everything! 

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