Words Are Tiny Magic

Hello fans! I do have a handful of news for you.

I will be sticking to possibly blogging once a week, my weekly reading and that’s about it. Due to health issues, I won’t be able to post as often. I am tired and need to rest often. When this clears up, I will let everyone know.

No new projects are expected, currently. I’m also waiting for the Retrograde to die down.

I do have a few choice words, but this is more of encouragement than anything.

As always, thanks for reading my blogs and visiting my site!


One of the first things anyone tells anyone else is how impossible or possible something is. We only do it because it’s been ingrained in us to do so.

What if I told you, no matter how innocent your comment seems, it shows a lack of self confidence, and shows how jealous you are?

I have lived, so far, an incredible life. But, at the beginning of this year, I was told by a heavenly host how much more incredible it would be. I won’t go into detail, but I can tell you when I was told all of the glorious things that would happen, I was instantly hesitant in telling people who I normally talk to.


Because words are small examples of spells. No. Yes. They hold merit, and initiate reactions.

Instead, I kept bits and pieces of what I was told to myself simply because I knew it was no one else’s business.

Then things I was told started happening. Word for word. The person, their actions, my actions. An increase, an understanding. I began to see everything unfold in front of me, and it was shortly after April that I began to realize how deeply connected I am to all of Creation. I prefer this, now. Especially because I believe it.

We’re not talking about past lives as faeries, or dragon’s blood. The real life fairy of someone who believed she could overcome.

I want anyone reading this to understand how grand your sight becomes when you allow the Ebb and Flow of Creation to guide you, as opposed to the man made ideologies of our blinded world. You cannot follow what a man says, mostly because it’s been said to control you. You cannot follow what a group of people say because they’re under the impression everyone should conform to a one thought process.

The feeling came to me when I was younger. That inkling suspicion that someone was playing games with others lives. It quickly grew to prove itself true, and then I wanted to escape what I had known. This took years, and a lot of pain until I finally breached the other side. There, floating in my own space, the new knowledge I learned and accepted…I began to see that the idea is to share what you’ve learned.

A good friend and I were discussing manifesting. I prefer not to bash ayny religion, as they are all a piece of the Collective. What I will say is misleading people on purpose for profit digs your own grave.

Manifesting isn’t financial or material. It is everything, and it isn’t everything. You can choose what to manifest. Death, life. Food, even a rock. The reason it wasn’t explained properly was to keep people from seeing they had their own power. When a pastor is doing better than the entire congregation, you have to stop and wonder who exactly it is he is praying to. The crowd grows bitter, wondering if “god” hates them. As their pastor and family has everything they could ever dream of, and you are barely paying rent.

Yes, let’s open up a food pantry for the less fortunate, and in turn, you still believe you deserve nothing.

It’s more like this. Since the word has been divided, edited and controlled, pastors are probably praying to dark entities, who supply them what they need. Whether they know this or not hasn’t been discovered, but I’m sure most do. While their demon is working on their behalf, you are under the impression you have no power. So guess who you run to? The pastor, the man or woman who already has material possessions he doesn’t need, money, and furthermore…addiction issues he’s happy to hide.

While this isn’t every pastor on the planet, most enjoy playing with fire. They can’t stop. It would lead to their demise in the physical world.

There are so many loopholes and unanswered questions when it comes to modern religion. But trust and believe, those days are over. More and more people have begun to realize how much of a lie this current way of belief is. You cannot remove the truth, edit the truth, and swear it isn’t a lie.

If I walked the path I was on prior to this, I wouldn’t be as successful as I am. I pray when need be, and I make sure the message is loud and clear…I also know who to pray to entirely. “God” is too generic. Which god?

It reads that you have free will, and that simply means you can manifest whatever. If you tell a group of people free will is to sin or not to sin…they’ll believe that’s all they’re capable of. Words are powerful because they were created to be a simple form of magic. The church still isn’t letting people know they can manifest cancer…or a tomato.

But if you tell an entire building of people they can manifest greatness and overcome anything if they believe their free will was meant for just that…you get bad ass manifesters who don’t need a pastor, church or edited holy words.

As I said before, words are a simple form of magic. In fact, they’re more powerful than you’re led to believe.

So, in this day and age, we like to talk about self love and self worth. Why? Because who can coach and spell cast better than you?

Words are tiny spells.

So an entire book edited to bring an entire planet to its knees should be evaluated thoroughly.

Now, I’m not saying to walk around abusing what I’ve just told you. I’m simply reminding you that you, yourself, have power over all before you. To also remember, that people have power over you…if you let them.

Remember my statement about mildly rude comments? Jealousy is a form of dark magic. The more jealous you are, the nastier you become. There are people out there who would burn down your house simply because you exist.

Jealousy comes in different forms, and the tactics range from becoming your friend, to simply being rude to you for no apparent reason. The easier the person becomes jealous, the more dark or simple minded they are. Since humans can host good and bad entities, I suppose it’s best you learn that jealousy advocates darkness.

I do not know what jealousy looks like, but I have felt it from others, and it’s always confused me up until a certain point. It is a simple tactic used by darkness to draw you in. The best way to combat it…is ignoring it. Or choosing choice words. Not to fight, but to remind whatever is hosting the perpetrator…that they are not welcome.

Some of you are new to this. I put up protection and protect my kids because I live with someone who is constantly on the attack. When I forget, I immediately put my protection up, as they are always lurking and looking to tear someone apart. But when my protection is up, nothing is usually said, and sadly, the demon and host have nothing to go by.

When I do forget, though, or I am tired, the attacks begin. I’ve learned to respectfully remind them who they’re talking to. The attacks stop and I begin to calm myself down. But the best part is…words are healing too. Which is why I find it funny that people are quicker to hurt than help.

You hurt yourself after being opened up by someone who may or may not matter. With nobodys, I recommend telling yourself that they only say those things because they’re hurt. With family, it’s harder.

But when you are successful or shine bright, everything will be wrong with you. The darkness knows you’ll make it, so I’m not sure why it tries. I have seen people try to kill their offspring (or actually kill them) because they refuse to allow their light to shine. In that case, the Creator allows karma to play its role until they admit they’re wrong. Most usually don’t.

Depression kicks in when people are trying to bring you down. You don’t see your self worth, you begin to wonder if something is wrong with you. You don’t see the path you’re walking on, though you still keep trying. If your steps are certain, they will not stray even in the dark. And once you overcome everything, you will be so strong, you’ll know when someone’s about to attack you.

I enjoy spreading the truth to others, so I hope this helps. This is a “you got this” blog…and to remind you that words have more power than you realize.

I will come back with more news about my health, so fingers crossed! Thanks for reading.

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