Weekly Reading June 29th-July 6th 2021- It’s Only Real if You Lower Your Vibrations!

Today’s moon is a waning gibbous, traveling sweetly through not so sure Pisces.

Time to escape. Manifestations are best done by the imagination. Imagine the house, book, art, or even your soul mate. A Pisces in love is in love for sure.

Dreamy or not, it’s a great start to your day.

This weekend, we’ll be in Aries, which means it’s time to start on those dreams. By Sunday into Monday, Taurus allows us to make progress or concrete plans…

Because by next Tuesday, you can expect to not do anything at all. Gemini isn’t sure, so it won’t get done.


Today’s reading specifically speaks on transmutation. This is harder than it sounds during this day and age. The moment you stand up, someone wants to smack you down again..

However, the cards are saying otherwise.

First we have Perception. This is a perfect example for your naysayers and those trying to shove religion down your throat. Is it as real as they’re trying to show? Or is it just that..a show? It’s up to you to decide, because you’re the only one who should be shaping your reality.

Second is Magic. This card is suggesting you manifest by transmuting that negative energy into positive energy. The universe hears you-keep your head up. The possibilities are endless, and you’ll be surprised what happens when you put faith in your imagination.

Lastly is Crown Chakra. This is a significant factor for the entire reading. It’s telling you not only how connected you are…but what to do with what. Light creates, darkness destroys. Don’t embody anything from people trying to bring you down. Ignore them, and shine bright.

This reading will be available all week on Infinite Iridescence!

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