Free From Reaction!

Some of you believe nothing is sweeter than revenge. 

But, as the saying goes…if you lay down with dogs…you come up with fleas.

Many of you know, I retreated from Facebook for some time. Someone hacked my business page, changed everything around, and Facebook did not act on fixing that.

I told the perpetrator that they wouldn’t be able to grow an audience because the page owed $2k. Of course, they didn’t believe me. And now the page has been abandoned! They haven’t used it in a little over a month. If they had pure intent to begin with, they wouldn’t have stolen it in the first place. I am not paying Facebook anyway, so the page will remain dormant.

Once I relayed that information to the new page owner, he scoured my website for some strange reason. It displayed, to me, fear. When you steal from others, it is done out of fear.

Instead of lashing out, trying to get the best of Facebook and the thief, I went to my own website, and ended up with a larger fanbase, and 10k views more within a very short amount of time. Before you celebrate that moment for me…we’re talking about 34 year old me…not 25 year old me. Who would have been in a fit of tears, trying to find a solution and wasting my time on…basically nothing.

I do miss social interactions with some of my friends on Facebook, so I returned. And the small amount of traffic I get from FB to my website is helpful. But, I am so glad I was able to not give in so deeply!

I am also happy I established myself enough that this was nothing, really. 


Promos and Projects-

I finished art that may need a few edits recently. It is from the chapter Sober, from the first Dirty Deities. This illustration depicts how Shawn really feels about the drug “Marvel” and portrays what it’s doing to him, as well as Alana. The next illustration will indeed be Reincarnation, but in a different light. 

This project was to show Shawn, probably at his lowest. The bright and blurred Las Vegas style lights and color variations show the mood, the actuality, and the forced charisma from The Keeper of Life. I have absolutely no idea how the next project will flow, but it will carry a similar mood as far as the color scheme is concerned.

With that being said, The Dirty Deities: Mist in Our Eyes is FREE to download on Amazon! So from now until the 6th, you can snag a copy! Please be sure to leave a sturdy review, they are welcome and needed!

I am very excited and hope this energy makes its way to some of you!

The Dirty Deities: Mist in Our Eyes

Here’s a synopsis of the novel:

“The Ultimate Sacrifice isn’t always what it seems, as Shawn, The Keeper of Life and Alana, Reincarnation, come face to face with the last remaining Manifesto soldiers, led by Alum. 

Despite their absolute spontaneous creation and evolution, emotions, decisions and consequences cloud these entities’ skies, as they revel with freedom and existence. 

When Shawn is approached by Alm, “The General’s Son,” his perspective is given a second breadth, one that he can only insure goes through.

The skies above Coshbor, and the newly split Dirty Deities crew now either face absolution, uncertainty, or furthered suffering as Manifesto plans to reinstate the bonds that once held Shawn in place.”

It was an incredible journey writing this novel, and I hope you all enjoy it!

As always, thanks for reading my blog! Enjoy your holiday weekend!

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