Why to Burn and Protect

In this article, we will be discussing the importance of cleansing your home, and protecting where you sleep.

Scary, intense, or odd dreams can be the result of junk food before bedtime. Or,the signs that dark and obscure entities are taking up space in your home. Prayer, to unknown entities, usually opens portals in your home, and invites them in. (Read that again) Or, moving to a new place that has old energy dwelling inside.

Other signs are mood aw nfa, irritability, and being attacked from others in your home for no reason. Protective (bubbling, golden armor, etc) helps during the day, but at night…your guard is down. This is usually when you are most vulnerable.

While burning incense before bedtime generally helps, it doesn’t always do a good job. This is where cleansing comes in.

Rebuking entities has its purpose, but one may only step out if line while the others lie in wait. Research your preference, but herbs like lavender, or incense like black cherry, which both detox…help better in the long run.

*Make sure whoever is opening the portals isn’t present*

Firstly, bless the incense. You’re giving back to the Universe. Then, call upon Creation, Creation Energy, The Creator, and the angel who watches over you. Cleansing is necessary, but if proper protection isn’t used, you could end up a host.

Take your burning incense through the entire house, including closets and the bathroom, and repeat, “I call upon Creation, The Creator, Creation Energy, *angel’s name*, (and I usually say my higher self) to Leave this place (repeat this nine times), you are not welcome (repeat nine times) and that you are rebuked (repeat this nine times)

If you’re clairaudient, you will hear screaming. Don’t let that shake you. Raise your incense up HIGH to reach the corners of all areas until your entire home is done.

You will immediately feel at peace, and whomever is conjuring will be neutral or irritated (back where it belongs!).

Burning incense before bedtime helps calm the nerves, but reinforces that barrier of protection. Sleep space is sacred ground, as is your home. Your vibrations are lowered in sleep state, so you cannot defend yourself or keep attacks at bay.

Tips for younger children-

People who worship dark entities DO NOT CARE ABOUT ANYONE. So, when dealing with individuals like this, placing extra protection keeps little ones safe.

When I forget to, my six year son has nightmares. When I remember, we all sleep peacefully.

Imagine an armor of gold surrounding your little one, from head to toe. Then surround them in a bubble. Do this before bedtime, and as soon as you, the parent, wake.

As for they’re sleeping space, imagine bright surroundings, or place them in sacred capsules. I imagined both boys in sleeping capsules that I launch into the clouds and stars. I do this every night before they fall asleep. Doing so after they fall asleep will not work.
The capsules should be shimmering bright white or gold.

This with cleansing and burning incense makes them, especially, untouchable! But it’s a matter of remembering and belief in your abilities. Times you forget, an attack will quickly remind you! Attacks vary on different levels. From small, to grotesque…and even rape while sleeping.

Never try to control the attack. This will open you up more and leave you sick the following day. Instead, remain calm. This is not the goal of your attacker. Chaos and fear is what they’re after. Calming down INSTANTLY stops the attack. Shrug it off, and return to rest.

Always comfort children with nightmares. Your light is their light. Them being at peace actually thwarts off more attacks.

Most of all, always understand why you’re being attacked. Oftentimes, these are warnings of others intent or behavior. Cleansing your house, meditating and talking to close spiritual friends will help as well!

I hope this has helped! Pass this along to anyone you know needs help as well!

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