Weekly Reading July 6th-12th: Remembering Your Purpose.


Luna, today, is in Gemini. This means you will say you’ll do it, and possibly forget those commitments.

You can also expect to be blustery and moody-unless you take some time to not do all the things!

Focus on what’s needed, and soon we’ll see our moon slipping through Cancer, to Leo, where you’re actually allowed your weekend this time. By Sunday into Monday, Virgo, then Libra reminds us how much we may have forgotten to do this week!


This week’s reading coincides with the moon, exactly. Take a deep breath. It’ll be alright.

Consciousness helps us realize that taking EVERYTHING into effect makes for a more meaningful reality. Create and recognize with purpose.

Remembrance isn’t necessarily nostalgic-you’ve weathered the storm. Time to deal accordingly. As I told a good friend of mine, “bullshit never sleeps.” It means to be fully aware at all times….because transmutation is always necessary. You’ve learned to contribute. Not to shrink back into your former self.

Lastly is Merkabah. Earth is a landmark of experiences, and basically a place we sleep. It is a plane of existence, meant to be toiled into greatness. We do this with our spiritual connection, and metaphysical understandings. According to this card-not of Earth! Meditate and tap into who you are. Figuring that out helps your mission. Respect this frequency. It remains unanswered and high vibrating for a reason! But, this card ends our reading with this point…serve your highest purpose.

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