A Scorpio on the Sagittarius Cusp-The Dirty Deities

As previous blogs mentioned, I am still quite fascinated with what Zodiac sign Shawn Delgado would be. I do take into consideration that our star charts show many attributes, but I am enjoying this because the possibilities seem endless-

Except for one major flaw in Delgado’s character that has led me to my final decision. His unmanageable intensity.

Alana is on a cusp (Aries/Taurus), which means almost every zodiac could be compatible with her. But only one makes heaven and earth sing, and these two signs typically search each other out because of the soulmate undertones presented in their connection.

Previously, we discussed that Shawn could be either a Pisces, Capricorn, or Gemini/Cancer. We scratched out Leo, because Leos are not heroes (sorry, they aren’t) But there is one I didn’t even consider mentioning, and that is Scorpio.

The last blog on this topic, I was positive Delgado read like a Gemini//Cancer. The only reason I’m back stepping is because both Cancers and Geminis are afraid of everything. Most Scorpio men and women not only lay down their free time and life for you (almost without thought), they are intense in doing so. They seek to create lifelong bonds, and ever lasting friendships. The same would persist with their romantic relationships as well. And because of that intensity they carry with them everywhere, it is more fitting to Shawn Delgado than I previously understood.

We’ve discussed that Alana is an Aries on the Taurus cusp, more so a Taurus. Scorpios and Tauruses would be soulmates, both equally as intense. Their union is a great place for Scorpio’s mysteriously deep waters to meet Taurus’s shores.

Moreover, Shawn would have to be on the Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp, so both sides coincide with the other. But it is a definite “perfect match.” And now I get to explain why!

Have you read the book? Despite everything going on between the two of them, Shawn is utterly and openly obsessed with Alana, who is drop dead gorgeous. To some, this seems possessive and scary. But Alana shines bright in this type of behavior from him. Scorpios go after beautiful people, yes. But they do not immediately commit unless they “see” a deeper reason as to why they should. While the world paints them as sex addicts (most under the sign evolve sexually beyond what others can comprehend) they are seeking someone they can spoil and desire all in the same breath.

It’s important to understand that each zodiac has a flaw, and yes, for Scorpios…sex is one of them. As is for Taurus. The beguiling and manipulative behavior Shawn showcases is because of the biggest secret he’s probably ever kept. But, as previously mentioned, Alana thrives in all of this. Tauruses are indulgent in nature, so sex with the right person is an all access event.

The attributes suited towards the cusp possibility come into play whenever Shawn is either physically challenged, or mentally belittled by Manifesto. His slick, unfiltered and raw comments shut down conversations between Ralden, Analese and even his crew. His ability to move and manage money also reads Sagittarius. While Scorpios are usually very intelligent and gain awesome careers, fire signs are usually manifestors of coin.

As you’re reading this novel, you realize the intensity is more on Shawn than anyone else. He seems like a bit of an antihero, but he’s peeped shit and realizes how he truly needs to move. Patching things together and knowing how the enemy reacts are a mix of both Scorpio and Sagittarius.

The latter sign does well in crazy situations-they got themselves there to begin with. Trust they can hold their own. But the tactfulness, and almost pressurized perfectionism displayed by Delgado is definitely, without a doubt…all Scorpio. He’s going to save you, and everyone has to watch. That’s pretty intense, considering it could be done in the cloak of darkness!

Scorpios take on people like projects and can read individuals better than people anticipate. It means nothing gets past them, and the decisions they make when it comes to romance are more in tune than you realize. This water sign, unlike Pisces and Cancer, will tell you the absolute truth way before things get serious. They’re also not afraid to show how they truly feel-even if they are a mercenary of sorts.

The chances and routes taken by Shawn are definitely Sagittarius, but the loyalty and shifting of stances to keep Alana safe…are Scorpio. It’s an interesting combination. If you find, especially, a man on this cusp, he’s probably already married you in his head several different ways before he’s even said hello. The thing that makes this sticky is when the Scorpio meets the Sagittarius more so. If earlier on the cusp (November 19th-21st), you’ve got a quality individual. Once we get closer to November 23rd…things get…mutable! Sagittariuses are interested in what feels good, and move with what pushes them. So, it could be drugs, sex addictions and hang ups, or severe trust issues.

Here’s why Scorpio/Taurus and Aries/Sagittarius make perfect mates. It is difficult being on a cusp. An Aries is usually compatible with a Sagittarius, but if he’s 100% Sag dealing with someone who’s got earth sign tendencies…they’re eventually going to hate each other. What compliments earth best is water. Fire with fire is a great match because they understand each other better than anyone would. Even if it’s just a hint of heat. So, Alana would need someone who doesn’t question her fixed, cardinal ways.

She is fully aware of how attractive she is. Do you have something else to offer her? That is both how an Aries and Taurus respond to affection from the opposite sex. However, an Aries gets their fix from multiple people complimenting them, something someone on the cusp would only do…depending on their mood. While Aries seek greatness in hearing about themselves, a Taurus wants stability. Why are you complimenting me?

What boils down to both character traits too, is how willing Alana is to openly show she doesn’t trust Shawn, but she’ll come along. Meaning, her Taurus side is suspicious, but the Aries side, being a natural wanderlust, is ready to go anywhere with him.

It sounds like a conundrum, but finding people who pair with you create a perfect bond. The only element missing between the two would be air, but their union could create such an atmosphere, considering heat and fire both can create and destroy. So it’s a perfect fit, and shines a great light on the immensity and insanity behind the pairing I didn’t realize I was already familiar with.

This could change, as it is a theory. But this pairing makes much more sense, without all the loopholes and possible brick walls to hit.

I have enjoyed trying to piece this together so much! Thanks to everyone who keeps up with my website! Enjoy your weekend.

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