True Sin

Prepare to analyze what you thought you knew. My blogs aren’t for the willingly conformed.

I will simply suggest this is a theory, but you will then say…where is the lie?

Often, we hear about crimes, sin and blasphemy. It is the epitome of why we feel there are deserved graces among the masses. It is a simplistic…and returned form of conformity. Simply to move those masses into believing they deserve…or don’t deserve grace.

I’m literally going to piss someone off, but it has to be said.

Sin isn’t a real thing. I mean, even where its concerned with child molestation, and murder. These are reactions to received reactions that result in a void of character. It’s labeled as sin to keep track of, and furthermore, manipulate people. I am suggesting we do things like a video game-repeated scenarios and actions that lead to the same result.

Except for what I’m about to mention. This is where someone’s going to get mad.

The only “true sin” is the attempt to control the mass of realities that exists. That is the only dark, loathing, “unforgivable” sin. Why?

Why would you need to or want to control someone else’s reality? While a lie changes the actuality of reality, mass individual control takes the cake everytime. Yes. It is worse than theft, sexual misconduct, murder, and racism. It’s up there with self righteousness, religion, and assuming the position of ultimate creative power because you have a mental disorder.

Perhaps this is too extreme for you, and even as I go further to explain this…you’re questioning why I’ve even brought this up.

As a disclosure statement…wrong is wrong. But none are equal to what I’ve mentioned and it’s explanation.

Think about the expansion of the universe, and what we don’t know. I previously discovered hell is a void. So the name itself hell, then, is wrong. It means you gave up on your purpose, and since you aren’t creating…you can no longer exist. That’s what a void is. There is no output, so it’s useless.

Since we don’t know a lot, and are constantly trying to figure out why, someone decided it would be cool to manipulate an entire plane of soul-driven individuals for absolutely no reason at all. Those lost to the void can only repurpose. They’ve lost that ability to create. During this regaining process…because let’s be real…they don’t function and can’t…the only thing these individuals could think to do was create a reality for others so it felt…to them…they were living.

We’ve talked about this before. Moving in the direction the Universe guides you isn’t bad in any way. But stopping against that flow clearly results in your own drowning-no help needed. We are all given choices to make. If following religion was one of them, and you still believe everything you hear…you too…have become a part of the void.

The void, darkness, dark entities, demons. Chaos and fear is their thing. They know nothing else. Whether you feel it’s a controlled simulation or quoted text, it all matches up.

Controlling, or attempting to control someone else’s reality is the ultimate dark thing to do. To others, they’ll openly say…oh it’s okay because. It was taken away because. It was never taken away, it was hidden out of fear. There were no permissions…this was forced. So for all the slandering people who believe this should occur…it is flipped on those administering probably the worst verbal accusations.

They are the void, and have been inviting others to the void…by pretending to be something greater than what they can never be again. Blackholes do not exist in reverse.

Darkness taking over is not a paradox. But light taking over is, which is why it is impertinent. Light exists in the surrounding darkness as a reminder of what to not do. Taking over someone’s reality…when they’re born with the ability of free will is twisted…doesn’t that make you cringe? You are not born into sin, you are born into conformity. You do not die and go to heaven, you live your life and change the paradox…to light.

You do not go to hell, you make choices that lead you to becoming your own void.

And you have plenty of opportunities to fix that. But if you perish as a void…those chances are gone for you.

Stop simplifying the truth of Existence. It is complicated and simple in the same breath. As much as you’ve labeled the creator as a man…know that each one of us has the ability to not only expand, but go against the grain of labels, as this society thrives on repurposing…and not absolute creation.

Nothing ends or begins. It’s a continuum that exists in and of itself, and reverberates whether you feel a certain way or not. It repeats itself, and thusly evolves into other realities and universes because there are some who are allowed to relive their lives again…to keep the Universe on it’s path of Ebb and Flow.

We are all given the opportunity to gain wisdom in our waking lives, so if you’ve become a void…or you are confused in any way…it is because you’ve allowed yourself to slip through the cracks.

So those who are living, breathing voids will continue doing the same thing. And those who have grown past societal nonsense to become something greater will continue doing the same thing… as is balance. Stop assuming things end when they don’t begin!

The void…is ultimate fear. And if you notice, it can only spill out a little fear at a time. The void is the absolution of the soul, mind and it’s solid connection to the source.

In this, your response is touching your phone, or admiring yourself. These are the pleasures of this plane that should be respected…but not taken too seriously. If you are afraid of losing these things, you’re getting a taste of the void.

Everyone senses fear. The idea is to remind yourself how fear does nothing for anyone, including those who belong to the void.

I hope you see, maybe a fraction of what I understand. Despite how much I know, I am still learning.

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