Weekly Reading July 13-19th 2021- Your Will, Your Result

The sky shakes things up way more than we understand! Whilst our moon is transitioning from Leo to Virgo, we also have a conjunction between Venus and Mars that will have you questioning your morals, your love life…and your reality. 

Firstly, Leo to Virgo is a major transition and doesn’t necessarily make this conjunction work for anyone except those who have these planets in their sign.

Mars is mainly Aries. Venus, like any lover, is found in Taurus AND Libra. These three signs (even if on a cusp) are about to see fireworks throughout all they have done and will do. This conjunction will return next year, but this is a great start.

Since the moon is transitioning, ever steady Taurus is probably going to be on it’s toes more than usual. This means it’s prompting Aries to do the same. This fiery sign isn’t lazy in any way but this will push the fire it’s usually about to the rims of it’s sanity-this is how you take on major blessings.

Taurus, cool headed but scary, will take action, and stand firm. Libra, knowing all too well that it prefers a fair outcome, will not choose sides. Sometimes, people have to die to get a result. Mars ruled Aries understands that.

This for everyone simply means that manifestation is going to be easier, but at a cost. Love…is the result. War…is what you’re willing to do to get the result. It easily speaks on the Ebb and Flow of the universe. Peace will occur once you realize why you’re fighting. 

Our analytical Virgo moon means you will be sharper, and far more apt that you realized you could be. After the moon transits to Libra, believe it or not, you’ll want hugs and tons of admiration for this battle you’ve just fought.

Just make sure to love yourself…first. 


Our reading is in now was contradictory to the sky. I’ve pulled Gaia, Authority and Belief.

Let’s settle this once and for all-I am not religious. I move energy. Great!

Gaia is another word for Mother Earth. This plane is an entity, and actually, can heal itself (shots fired)

But, for this reading, she is insisting that you recall your connection to everything. Being connected to everything means even those inner most emotions are felt and ripple worldwide. It is why this plane continues to turn, and why those who chose continue to grow.

Second, we have Authority, reigning in the previous explanation a little deeper than some would like. You will your own reality, make sure you own that ability as well. The connection we hold allows us to prove to others what they’re capable of. However, will a reality that is made up of creation, and not desire. This can make a void and deem what you’re capable of…useless.

Lastly, we have Belief. You’ve made it to this point because of what you feel in your heart. It’s also time to share-NOT PRESS-share, freely…your experience. Because that shines truer. It is wrapped up in your belief because you paint your reality, journey, and results more than you realize.

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