More Art to Come!

Alana, Sober Compilation

    It’s been a productive month! I was able to finish two illus trations, and may be able to work on a third!

    The compilation done was from The Dirty Deities. It’s a transitioning chapter, in which Shawn has to drug Alana to keep things under wraps. Eventually, Reincarnation begins to feel something is definitely off, and confronts The Keeper of Life. 

    The chapter is titled “Sober,” which may hit a cord with some. However, I highly encourage checking out the chapter, which will be presented on my website temporarily. I understand that sobriety is a big deal for those who have weathered addiction, or for those who know someone who has. The point of this chapter was to pivot the storyline, and to show how far some people are willing to go simply because they think they know.

    The first illustration depicts how one feels not only offering the drug, but taking it themselves. Shawn looked to be in an induced dire straight-suggesting he knew how wrong it was. Furthermore, he had to turn Alana into Manifesto to begin with, so the drug, named “Marvel” only made things worse during his time with her. 

    The second illustration visualizes the haze Shawn was trying to create for Alana. It seems illustrious, dawning and sensual…but it isn’t real, in a sense.

    One of the best parts about illustrating my own work is depicting exactly how I sensed it to an audience. It’s already written down, but I crave seeing it in some type of medium, for some reason. The imagination is an amazing thing. 

Shawn Delgado, Sober Compilation

    My next illustration will be Aria from Stained Waltz. She is not heavily talked about, but her creation and essence of her character, especially stayed in the back of my mind. She is a succubus, but also goes by The Silver Winged Oracle. Sacha Del’Rossa’s encounter with her turns sour after the required payment is of flesh, something Sacha wasn’t willing to give up.

    Aria essentially gets what she’s asked for, and Sacha doesn’t get the answers he seeks-as is the case with most oracles!   

    I will post a preview from that novel here on the website once I feel The Dirty Deities has had a good run. 

    After The Silver Winged Oracle, I will do a full profile of Shawn Delgado-there isn’t one. And of Sacha Del’Rossa, as well as Alicia Benevido. That will sum up my July projects, as we are about half way through this month. 

Stained Waltz


    Lately, I have decided to turn the other cheek, so I find myself laughing at ridiculousness all over.

    Since I am single, I openly talk with people about my career. Yesterday was actually a great day for me! I was able to finish my work, and the producer for my film gave me a shout-out via his TikTok live! I was feeling myself, so to speak. I thank the producer, who mentioned how he wasn’t done. (fingers crossed!)

    I shared this news and my newly finished art work with a few people who I talk to on a regular basis. One person immediately complimented the art…then brought up…one…little…flaw.

I shook it off and kept going, noting there was a line I wasn’t happy with. Unfortunately, he didn’t stop there. He then went on to say…that because he doesn’t reach much…I should invest in audio books.

    I laughed, loudly. I have made it to the film industry, so audio books are currently a step back. If people are enthusiastic about the film, they’ll buy a book or a shirt. They’ll do this for the love of whatever art has been presented.

    For someone who barely knows another…it was a bold and childish statement. I have my art on clothing, and a nice net worth. I’ve been in the entertainment industry since 2012, when I became a self published author. My career has spanned nearly a decade, and I understand more than someone who hasn’t done anything at all.

    Furthermore, I will collect royalties from the film because I own the rights to my work. So anything else that comes from this…goes into my pocket. It was set up accordingly, so when the time came, I collected instead of sweated…

    But it is laughable now. People show their true colors when it comes to success and money. There isn’t a need to add more on my plate, when I’m as accomplished as I am. My original goal was to finish a novel. I quickly realized I could be a great example unto my children, and the rest is history. They benefit more if I pass, to be honest. 

    So, instead, I don’t live a lavish lifestyle. I could sell parts of my rights and cash in…leaving me “broke” all over again. Patience is a virtue for a reason. The other reason this is laughable is…no one asked him!

    In the past, I would be offended. I’m writing this out for a reason. Money, profit and gain. Perfectionism, rushing, ignorance. These are all ways to not prosper. The idea of chasing something, when you can carve a path of diligence, exceptionalism, respect, and wisdom seems more ideal to me. Chasing after money could lead you into a ditch.

    I don’t do money hungry people. You don’t understand what having a vision means. You can set up a shop, and sell things. But do you have long term plans? Long term plans don’t need areas where you’re doing everything. Long term needs stability, wisdom, endurance, simplicity, respect for growth, understanding, intelligence, cleverness…and patience above all. 

    Extra side projects eat up your soul. How about planting a garden? Writing in a journal? Exercise? Stargazing. These don’t require a money hungry objective. 

    It’s hard to see when you don’t know any better. I didn’t either. When I realized how silly I was being, I changed course so I could improve everything-including the output and content of my work. 

    As always, thanks for reading my blogs! New updates for art and my writing will be posted!

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