Weekly Reading July 20th-26th 2021- Perceive to Nurture

Feeling antsy, and needing to walk away from everything…because it will be absolutely alright?

Thank our Sagittarius moon for that! However, don’t get too extreme with walking away. Lose yourself in a show, or listen to an album you haven’t heard in a while. The goal is to lose yourself, and not worry about things for the moment.

But, as all Sagittarius know, work before play keeps those unanswered deadlines away. Don’t put yourself into a situation you don’t have to dig yourself out of. It’s easy to lay back, it’s hard to regain lost ground because you’re feeling sorry for yourself!

By Friday, our moon will be full in Capricorn. This means you need to outline the following week…or even your future. Capricorns, like all earth signs, means business. With it in the full moon, it’s basically reminding you…which business.

Deal with issues, work related or at home, in a sensible manner…by putting your foot down. Which is a good way to go about things as the next two signs our moon orbits through will have you wondering what’s what.

By next Tuesday, we’ll have a Pisces/Aries moon. Things can get dreamy, and steamy. You may also find yourself getting lost in that. 


Our reading pairs nicely with the sky. Sagittarius is a masculine sign. It’s nurturing, more so than any sign, caring, loving…and easily distracted. Most (males) that fall under this sign want to show you how they can, after they eat something, sleep and…I’m sorry what were we talking about? As a mutable sign, it is often hard for them to focus. Here’s why today’s reading is perfect!

Our first card is Divine Feminine. This means you need to do your best to display those types of affections that win the day. On top of that, listening, understanding…and doing what you say goes a long way. Since our moon will be giving even the prettiest woman vibes that attribute to saving someone, also focus on how someone feels on the inside. This is a card that speaks to our inner truths and feelings-femininity is about doing so and not adhering to labels as well.

Next we have Universal Love, which I feel is strongly attached to the sky currently. Sagittarius individuals live life with open arms. While you shouldn’t take advantage of that, they love deeply once attached and will protect anyone they consider close. Universal Love means looking past faults, errors, and those stuck in their ways so you can help more than you’ve ever helped before. This type of love goes beyond time, and still exists within itself.

Lastly, we have Perception. As a mutable sign, this is often hard for them. One way looks just as good as the next. But take into mind that the easiest route may be more of a trick. Try to look at things in full view, all around and without judgment. Make a move before deciding firmly what looks best, but also. Know that you can try again if it doesn’t work. Accept the good and the bad, as you begin to form your reality. 

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  1. Simon says:

    Yeah this is really great…. sorry I got distracted what’s that about the moon? lol

    1. The Gorgeous Nerd says:

      Lol are you a Sag? Haha

      1. Simon says:

        How did you know? 😉

      2. The Gorgeous Nerd says:

        Lol you told on yourself 😂

      3. Simon says:

        Hehe… You knew anyway

      4. The Gorgeous Nerd says:

        Lol this is true

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