You Don’t Need Consent to Grow

Large Zinnia

    Hello there! Are you a fan of movement? Me too! What’s most exciting about it is the journey, then the result! We often forget to admire what it took to get us from point A to point B. Learning lessons, gathering experience, and being able to apply it all to the next level is far greater than the reward.

    If no one adheres to it, that’s on them! You as an individual, already have personal things to work through. 

    So far, my projects have been going along fine. I am currently working on a piece that’s taken me out of my comfort zone-focusing on different stances and poses as opposed to side profiles and portraits.

    This current illustration is Aria, from Stained Waltz. It’s an interesting selection for me, simply because she is not a main character, or even a nemesis, to be fair. She flipped the script of Sacha, and basically took advantage of the situation. It showed how many characters in the novel were willing to do anything to get ahead.

    In the novel, she is presented by merely a sheer curtain, obviously used to entice her customers. However, Sacha only has eyes for Alicia-his perfect mate. At the end of it all, Sacha realizes his own actions and decisions will do him better in the long run.

    Once this art is finished, I will post a preview of The Silver Winged Oracle. As most of you know, my novels are typically mind altering experiences! Stained Waltz wedges itself comfortably in this.

    Afterwards, I have three pieces of art I really want to do. All will be announced once I begin working on them. Yes, an absolute surprise!


    Since I’ve returned to social (TikTok especially) I have been able to grow my hashtag! It currently sits at 12,100 views for #thegorgeousnerdjcs. I shy away sometimes, because I allow things to become overwhelming, or I have someone in my ear telling me otherwise. I prefer to be honest with you all!

    I said all of that to say, once you’ve gotten past a certain point, anything anyone says actually won’t work. They want so badly for you to not do well! 

A family member of mine said just because I got as far as I have, doesn’t mean I’ll make a movie! Hoping so badly for someone to fail means they’re full of darkness! A kind hearted and understanding…truly loving person would not tell you to give up. They wouldn’t seek to tell you there’s no way you can make a movie. They hope you adhere to their mediocrity. You can do anything you set your mind to. The barrier is the belief in the negativity you hear from them! 

    Opt out of conversations with them, they’re always only looking to see how much they can hurt you. Don’t give in, especially if you know how they are. People fail because they let themselves down. People don’t fail because someone else thinks they will. If that were the case, we wouldn’t be capable of waking up after slowing down our entire bodies for eight hours. 

    Your outcome, product, investments, art, creation, etc….isn’t up to anyone but you. I have learned to say less! It saves you the stress!


    I recently started a small garden on the patio. Currently, my zinnias are blooming and I have about 25 bean pods! 

    I realized that while I planted them, and watered them with care…they grew without my consent. Seeds do that-it’s their choice. Nurturing them is all they need to THRIVE. It is the story of my life. I am no longer a prisoner of what people think I should do…I thrive because someone nurtured me…instead of controlling me with what they believed was honest consent.

    I don’t need permission to wear lipstick or wear clothes I enjoy. This is the same for beliefs, music…even where you sleep. The problem with those seeking control is…they don’t want you to know how absurd what they’re saying really is. Instead, slandering what you’ve done while raising up a fake god sits well with them.

    You don’t need consent to thrive. If you loved and nurtured yourself, you’d see this as well. While we do need each other, individual accomplishments don’t need a crowd watching. Consider relieving yourself! A line needs to be drawn, boundaries set. And a full understanding as to why.

    Tend to your own garden, water your own plants. If you’re in my garden, how well could yours possibly be? Chances are, it’s dying and riddled with weeds that kill plant life. Of course, they’ll blame you for that…since you didn’t plant daisies like they did. 

    Ignorance is not being to see how stupid one is. Minding your business is a lot wiser than you actually believe. We like to share and show things to others…sometimes learning who wants a seed planted is best. It only comes with experience. Step aside and learn about yourself, instead of what others feel you should be doing. It’s never about them when it comes to you.

    Lastly, love yourself. Half shot attempts of love given from others is usually to manipulate you. It is then, not love. Just disguised as such so they can get their way with whomever. 

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Simon says:

    Some good words on self love I need to remember and while ignorance is never the way – I find in this day an age one take in too many views of the world and end up messing op you’re head.
    Hope you’re good fellow Sag!

    1. The Gorgeous Nerd says:

      You were close! I am a fire sign. Lol not a Sag. I’ll give you a hint-I come first.

      I’m glad there’s take away from this blog. We don’t talk about self love and walking our own path. We try to group things together, and as far as I’ve see…it’s catastrophic.

      1. Simon says:

        I’ll guess Aries?

        I think the whole human experience is very messy. There’s no way we can keep all the balls in the air but I also think that’s the point. It’s not meant to be perfect, but we strive for it in our own way. Maybe?

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