Weekly Reading July 27th-August 3rd 2021- There’s Wonder in Counting Your Freckles

With a waning moon in Pisces, you can be sure your daydreams may turn into reality. Afterall, this sign is at the end. Pisces have deep perceptions, being that they’re half way in and half way out of the spirit world. It will be hard to not fantasize.

My advice is to get those reveries on paper-whether by word, paint or pencil. You can get lost in the day dream. 

You won’t be surprised by today’s reading! Pisces is a feminine sign, so it’s also time to indulge. Yes, lather up your favorite soap, take a dip in the pool, or buy all the chocolates. Just remember not to swim too deep in your own waters. 

By the weekend, we’ll be steadfast in Taurus, and by next Tuesday, Gemini. After you allow yourself this moment, it will be back to business, literally until next week. That’s when you won’t be able to decide if you’re coming or going.


This week’s reading is speaking loudly on imagining your reality.

When a woman says she doesn’t need a man, most men shut down. The thing is…all women are the birthplace of life, the womb is a portal. In ancient times, women were worshipped, and most deities were feminine. Next time you’re feeling yourself, and some random guy disagrees…ask him if he can give birth. (he can’t.)

Divine Feminine comes in first. I’m glad this card shows itself to me. Some of us are disconnected from true femininity. The idea is not to think it, but do it. As is giving birth, and creating in general. This card is for everyone, not just women. Time to put those fantasies into action. They’ve been floating around long enough.

Next is Coherence. How interesting, as our moon is in Pisces and the first card is representative of “doing.” Time to use both the mind and heart to create what you want. To those that are blinded, this seems mystical and impossible. Trust me when I say…nothing is impossible. Desiring an outcome isn’t bad-I’m also not here to judge. These matters are delicate, but awesome. Time to create!

Lastly is Delight. Pisces are wanderlusts of the mind. Discover your mind, soul…then so on. Bask in your presence. Admire yourself, your gifts and your existence. Love on yourself…because this creates a grand reality…and the vibrations you give off affect others around you. No new projects? Find reason. Start counting freckles and understanding your body-this is a good place to start.

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