Weekly Reading August 3rd-9th 2021-Movement, Manifestation


We have a waning crescent in Gemini, which means we can totally feel our will power slowly slipping away.

It is only our faults, which means the need to focus is needed now more than ever. Fortunately, Gemini is a mutable sign, so movement works for them. It’s also an air sign, a little extra push is always needed.

Read a chapter from your favorite book, take a walk or finish that art project you keep procrastinating about. Ask the girl (or guy out) and stick with your plans. 

Lastly, don’t beat yourself up! Since we create our realities, we also create our own chaos.

By the weekend we’ll be in Cancer, whilst deep into Leo, believe it or not. Charisma will be raining down, and moodiness will follow. Why? It is in our make up to mirror everything. By next week, it’ll be fire with fire as Leo reigns true through the moon and the zodiac birthday month. There will be lions everywhere, just try not to become the next meal.

Or will you do the hunting??


This week’s reading looks as though it’s having issues transitioning out of Cancer! But it brings a great message, I assure you.

First, we have Transition. Whenever this card is pulled, it literally means it’s time to shift gears. By this the Universe is telling you that battle is done or nearly won…you get to move on…but to what and why?

The Third Eye Chakra is here to answer that. You already know! Visions, signs, spirit animals, oracles, etc…all there to guide you. You’re to receive the message and wait. Now, the wait isn’t as long….but keeping an open eye is best. This is also a sign that you weren’t wrong, especially given the fact that you held on!

Lastly, we have Divine Masuline. Things are moving with or without you. However, your life is your story! Because of the option of being our own creators, manifest those dreams into action. We always think of masculinity as war, fighting and conquering…but…taking simple action by following through is all the muscle you really need.

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