Lupus Care- From a Thriving Person’s POV


We’re all waiting for those who think they’re running things to fess up.

One of the tell tale signs that this isn’t real…(at least the virus) is how many people are getting A.N.A. tests done and finding out they have lupus-like symptoms, or a clotting disorder. This all has been going on since 2017, when “covid” was originally supposed to be spread.

No, you didn’t read wrong. This all goes along with three other blogs I’ve written, and my own odd health history. It isn’t a virus…it’s radiation poisoning. Just on a grander scale.

Here are previous posts and theories that have been proven to be true:

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Instead of getting too episodic, this blog will focus on helping those who no longer trust the healthcare system.

Tips For Treating Lupus and Clotting Disorders-

In January of this year, a medical team out of China “discovered” that ginger helps lupus patients. What they really meant to say was…they visited my website daily all of 2020 and came across my blogs about ginger and lupus care.

Ginger is my number one recommendation for battling this disease. It helps with blood clotting issues, immunal issues and even stomach distress. It can be used in your food, but is more potent if made as a drink. The recipe is as follows:

1 teaspoon of ginger

1 tablespoon of honey

Add to bottom of a tea cup, using boiling water to mix. Add lemon squeeze for taste. This, two to three times daily will help counteractive effects from lupus flares.

I haven’t had a flare up since April, 2020, when I started heavily drinking this. It has helped with my energy, endurance, and immune support. 

Turmeric is another great suggestion. It has the same benefits as ginger and can be used in cooking, with quicker effects than ginger! Since using both, I have yet to come down with a cold. 

Second recommendation is to help with stress. Simply don’t. How? Getting a better understanding of everything will help you in the long run. This is a stress and fear driven world. Recognize fear tactics. Stress triggers lupus flares. Seems odd how these two go hand in hand. It makes me wonder how many others unknowingly have said lupus.

So, meditate. Write out your feelings, and cut out toxic people from your life. We all have a choice to make, someone else’s bullshit is not yours to fix! Above all, rest properly! So if you need a nap, take a nap!

You’ll have to always remember, daily. Otherwise, you’ll always be sick. You can rise above this.

My next recommendation is exercise. Walking always helps. Stretching and pilates as well. Staying active, period. It also helps with the stress and depression you may feel. So, set a goal to walk three times a week. Work out indoors if ozone or air quality is bad. And never give up on yourself. When you’re outside, even during the summer, long sleeves and pants keep the sun from causing flare ups. I am not a fan of sunscreen. Cotton, linen, viscose and rayon breathe, so trying these fabrics will help keep you cool. (Sun exposure to skin actually makes you hotter!)

Diet is next. You don’t need to eat organically, since everything has some type of exposure. But fast food and junk food will not make this easier. I recommend fruits and veggies at least three times a day, no sugar intake or low sugar intake. Lots of fluids, mostly water, and definitely green tea, black tea,, raspberry tea and any other healthy teas you can think of! The healthier you eat, the better you’ll feel. You may have allergies to certain foods, so research alternatives. Always stay ahead of the curve…for yourself. 

I wouldn’t recommend prescribed medicines. Doctors are butchers, and if something has adverse side effects, it means it’s not helping. I feel there’s a push for a body count, not a push for actual help. However, aspirin is naturally derived…from an actual plant. Baby aspirin can be taken several times a day, and has a lesser risk for stomach bleeding.

All of these tips are from my own experience! I heavily encourage taking these steps to live YOUR BEST LIFE. Most of all….self love! Clear your mind and love you some you! Your steps and destiny aren’t up to anyone else but you!

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