No Short Cuts

“It’s not so much that it’s wrong to want to be great. It’s more so that you think you can take short cuts to do so.”


    Today’s generation who should be running things seem to not understand that earning a certain amount and being worth one aren’t one in the same! In this blog, we will go over net worth, why it’s hard to be rich and stay rich, book sales (or other sales of media) and your own plights!

    Firstly, money in your account counts as wealth, but the most commonly applied wealth is your net worth, and assets! These are items that aren’t annual, unless it’s a CD account, and are  verified as wealthy after $125k. When you hear someone say, “I don’t have a dime to my name,” the expression is literal! Obtaining a net worth can come through business deals, investments, ownership or companies and trademarks, and land (estates, acres, etc). In some cases, people inherit an estate. This doesn’t mean they can sell the house and cash in, but the money is there.

    Some people inherit money through royalties or a trademark, which is what my children have in the future. The rights to my work can be sold, or left alone. Either way, it ensures a future in case I pass in an untimely manner. Royalties from future film sales and book sales will also make its way to my children, because I own the rights to all of my work. 

    Before we go deeper, the number one reason most aren’t rich isn’t necessarily because of the system set in place…it is because the idea of rich to most means to freely spend. How do you suppose people became rich? If your goal is to buy the house, car and go on cruises-I’m not here to judge you. But, you’ll be back where you started in a hurry since that’s all you care about.

    Wealth can be earned, and patience is a virtue for a reason. Anytime you force a situation to happen quicker than it should, you will lose it just as fast. Being wealthy goes hand in hand with stability. In order for you to have one, you must accomplish the other. It can be a fairytale if you do the right things. Having an understanding of why you shouldn’t do certain things will keep you safe.

    You’ll be rich, not invincible. Even rich people can be stupid. Sustaining your wealth is a matter of common sense. Know your limits, and understand the risks with everything you do.

Example: I was asked to sell my rights, and in turn I realized they would have been the conservator over my assets, placing me in a position of frailty. I, instead, turned down their many requests.

    The money taken from that wouldn’t have lasted more than a year, if that. Then, they would have turned to me for a solution. The push to get the money as quickly as possible ties well into this blog. 

    In order to be successful, you must understand all aspects of what you’re doing. Every single thing has to be in order for you to receive some type of manifestation. If you put in half the result, you will receive your output. If you’re willing to go the distance, you will receive just that. There’s no cutting corners or taking short cuts!

    Since you are capable of controlling your reality, and manifesting while creating…keep in mind that it is your own footing and folly that has kept you from where you think you need to be.

    “It’s not so much that it’s wrong to want to be great. It’s more so that you think you can take shortcuts to do so.”


    If a surgeon attached a severed finger improperly, there was no point in trying in the first place. If a bird only feeds half its offspring, the remaining chicks die. So if you hope to obtain greatness in a short matter of time solely to get rich, you can expect the same result.

    There’s a meme floating around social media, saying, “rich people claim money doesn’t matter.” You know why? Because it doesn’t. In fact, after you’ve reached your goal, you begin to realize that the journey you took to get there means so much more. I’m more proud of my collection of novels and art work, than I am of my net worth. I’m more excited that I can put my imagination onto the big screen for everyone to see, than I am about being wealthy. 

    You are to learn to respect all aspects of existence. Everything is dark and light. You can’t live in the brightest of light…you’ll see nothing but self righteousness. Eventually, you will tumble from the void you’ve placed yourself in…into a place of unthinkable horrors until you accept that your pride knows no bounds to sanity, and that the road you’re on will lead to nowhere.

    Which is why you need to consider the point of being wealthy. Is it for what you want, or think you need? Do you feel baseless and left behind? Because life is definitely mind over matter.

    Book sales (music, clothing, etc) will not get you rich. The most financially well artists own something that has a financial kick back system to them.

    Stop blaming the government for your idea of poverty. It’s up to you to see where your life can be fixed. You may very well find contentment and realize how much none of it matters if you’re about to die…or give birth. Misery enjoys company-rich or poor. But the only guidelines to success lie within the fibers of your being. You either have what it takes, or you don’t…you decide that. No one else does.

    It can’t be said enough. I don’t randomly decide to write these blogs. People are definitely writing material! Thanks as always for reading!

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