The Silver Winged Oracle

Aria, The Silver Winged Oracle

Sacha let Alicia sleep, it was still early in the evening. He could run in and out. No one at Waltz cared, even though they took extra measures to have him sign out at the front doors. As Sacha walked along the eerie green grass in front of the mansion, two massive great-danes skipped at his feet, lapping up his half shot affections.

    Tonight, he decide to make a trip to one of the best oracles in town. She was odd, always covered by sheer fabric, and did not take appointments. Everyone needing her guidance would gather around the front room, all nervously hoping she would pick them. She would then call out a random name, usually only one person. Everyone else was ushered to leave by her massive clip-winged angels named Theo and Grant.

    This evening, Sacha was among them, hands stuffed in his trenchcoat, anxious and hoping she would call his name. He looked over the crowd, spotting Idris glaring at him. It seemed he wasn’t the only one who needed answers. He smoothed part of his waves out of his face and tucked them behind his ear. When he looked to the other side of the room, he saw Maria glaring him down as well.

    Everyone in a high position belonging to a coven took up space in the waiting room. When Theo and Grant came out, gleaming as such- arms crossed, eyebrows heavy…everyone settled, staring quietly at them.

    “The one with no origin known as Sacha,” Theo announced, instantly spotting Sacha.

    Everyone else complained as Grant began ushering them out, leaving Sacha standing in the middle of the room, eyeing a very tall, menacing looking angel.

    “She awaits you,” he said, gesturing towards a sheer, metallic, curtain.

    Sacha nodded, walking past, still feeling slightly inferior to Theo-Sacha stood at six foot two inches. Admiring everything else took his mind off of what he really came to do. He needed to know the likelihood of Alicia surviving-and, the possibility of attacks among all of the other covens.

    The set up was as described. A woman sat on the floor with a green pillow under her, and a long, silver curtain covering the upper most parts of her body. She pointed towards the cushion in front of her, then adjusted her long silver, blue hair. Most of it was covering her body. It was so long and thick, in fact, that it curled in front of her as her ends were neatly placed in a bowl of rose water.

           Sacha seated himself, maneuvering his jacket for comfort, then he stared longingly into the curtain.

          “Say no more,” she said, in a sensually unsettling voice, “I know what it is you seek…”

          Tantalized and confused about his attraction, Sacha didn’t realize Theo and Grant had locked the doors from the other side, and were listening for any signs from their master. Sacha hadn’t been captivated by a woman he’d never seen before, and was beginning to feel anxious.

           “I desire a straight answer, O’Wise One-Aria. I need it lifted from my conscious.”

           “Never that, it will never concede. Your love for her will only keep her in danger while she is mortal. And even as the being you are now, many will crave your position and her hand. She is beautiful…” Aria cooed. 

          “So it would be better if she’s turned, then…” Sacha said softly, “what of Idris?”

          “He can and will successfully stage a war. Everyone knows you’ll choose Waltz especially since they’ve come out of the darkness like a needed apparition. No need to question his next move.”

          “The “streets fangs,” as someone I know affectionately calls them. My decision hurts them.”

           “Dearest Sacha, I cannot fathom why you bothered coming to see me,” Aria spoke, “it is time to pay so that you may leave.”

          “How much?” he said, now pulling out his money clip.

          “I do not accept money. I take things others may not be able to obtain. So from you…I want what only one woman has…”

          “You’re better off with cash on that one,” Sacha said, sitting back and grinning to himself.

          “You are afraid to touch her because you cannot resist the urge.”

          “That,” Sacha hissed sitting straight up, “is none of your business.”

           “But it is true…” Aria continued, “you are afraid of loving her the way you did before. That penetration comes with a price…”

            “I can manage. I have antidote. Besides. She’s being turned. Why on earth does that matter!”

             Sacha leaned forward, snatching away the curtain to reveal the most beautiful being he had ever seen. Aria’s eyes alone were an odd shade of green, large and almond shaped. Her skin was a light bronze, her lips were full, and seemingly lucius-she also had a button nose to set everything else off. And…she was bare, staring blankly at him. Then she stood, slowly attempting to push herself on him, her crotch close to his face.

 “Take me…” her cooed in a seductive tone, “that’s all I ask. Do to me what you wish to do to her.”

          “What of your guards?” Sacha said, his jacket off and his shirt being unbuttoned against his will.

          She grinned, then ripped at his dress shirt, now admiring his define yet pale stomach and chest. Aria looked into his eyes, then finished surveying his body, her hands everywhere he did not want them. When she pressed her lips against his, Sacha snatched his head away still scooting away from the impressively strong oracle.

          “I ask that you refrain from continuing your act and let me find another way to pay you….” Sacha said, slightly crumbling under her nibbling at his neck, “I do not wish to hurt all that I have.”

          She did not suppress, but smiled as if he meant to tease her. Until at last she had stripped him bare, and mounted him, releasing a strange and inexorable amount of pleasure that even a prude could not resist. Sacha’s eyes widened and for fear of not being able to manage, his mouth gaped open with Aria’s steady motions.

            He was now scooting on the floor, yet gripping her hip. Running, but afraid that tearing away would kill him. And the moment he thought she was done, she kept going, digging her long nails into his chest. Until at last, she was weary. And he, thinking he was all mighty and powerful…was plundered by an attention seeking oracle.

            When she laid down on her floor, unclean but happy. When she buried her face into the cushions and began snoring, Sacha dressed as quickly as he could, and exited the premises with no one asking questions. He had just been raped by an oracle, and he didn’t think he would recover from that. Nor…could he face Alicia. 

          As he walked backed to the manor,  thoughts swirling about. When he thought it couldn’t get any worse…

          He sat straight up next to Alicia, realizing that perhaps it was a dream. Alicia rolled over, smiling in her sleep. Sacha surveyed his surroundings then looked at the time. It was about the time he had left, or so he thought. 

          Now he was confused as to if he should leave, understanding that perhaps he got his answers as he slept. 

           He decided to check himself in the mirror before going back to sleep. As soon as he turned on the light, the nail marks from Aria showed as if they were brand new. Sacha flicked off the light and laid down next to Alicia, double checking that it was her. 

           Sacha now began to see why everyone felt she was the best Oracle. She told him want he wanted to hear, yes. But then took a piece of him he could never get back.

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