Weekly Reading August 10th-16th 2021- The Evolution of Your Reality…Solid by Design

Today’s moon is in Virgo, meaning we’ll be viewing things in depth and in layers. You’ll also be on the defense-this earth sign is alway ready to stand their ground. However, a softer approach is needed-most earth signs stand their ground. If you’re a fire sign, prepare to be criticized fully. If you’re an air sign-run.

Today and tomorrow will be intense, but you’ll get through it. The point now is to achieve the goal, right? However, you’ll also be criticizing yourself, so you need to choose a common enemy. Or understand that there is no enemy…because it’s just work.

Calm down! It’s going to be alright. By the weekend, the intensity grows, but in a different manner. Scorpio comes to reveal, and may even seek revenge if you’re not careful. Be mindful of your actions-the truth will be discovered.

By next week, we’ll slip through wanderlusting Sagittarius, which means you forgot…what that means. So you’ll need to be on your toes to start your week.

You can do this! Don’t you dare take a nap…it won’t get done. Or does it even matter?


Today’s reading is still ushering in changed energy. Way to go! You’ve changed the tides in your favor. It means you can’t be touched, but here’s why.

We have Alchemy. While the extended definition gives a little more, the shorter truth is this-you can transmute the hell out of all bad situations and you’ve gotten so good, you don’t let anything phase you. That’s how it’s done!

Second we have Root Chakra. You’ve gained stability in your favor-the universe congratulates you. It’s tough to do in a world where something can alter your reality, but you’ve managed this for yourself. It means everything you’ve worked towards is solidifying-become concrete. And furthermore, shall be unshakable.

Lastly, we have Change. Don’t be surprised or shocked at this. You’ve worked towards a goal, and it’s flourishing. Accept the nature of all-know that darkness will always try attacking you. But, judging from the rest of the reading…you know exactly what to do.

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