Weekly Reading August 17th-23rd 2021- Duality is Divine


I’m sorry, did you say something? I was sour searching. Today’s moon is in Sagittarius, and judging by the reading…for good cause.

Take some time to walk away from “yourself.” This means not to perceive much in either direction, since this is a mutable sign. 

Breathe, think deeply, then let it go. Now, indulge in a show, book or your favorite wine. Take time out to recognize why life is wonderful…after all, you are a wanderlust today. 

By the weekend, confusion reigns in. Aquarius is simply misunderstood, but has a broader perspective. So why the confusion? You’re confused as to why no one will understand you-you see it so differently!

By Monday into Tuesday, we’re drifting into deep, spiritual waters as our moon will be in Pisces. Dream those dreams and count those sheep, the following days are meant for making concrete plans.


Today’s reading coincides with the moon. Sagittarius is a masculine, mutable sign. It means,  since this zodiac sign is suggested to be “the hunter”, perhaps we should soften our gaze-no spear throwing or need for perfect aim. Here’s why.

Our first card is Divine Feminine! This means to follow through with the act, as manifestation begins in the mind. To have such plans but not accomplish any would suggest the imagination is dull, so here’s your extra push. Your reality is birthed within you!

Next is Divine Masculine. Both being pulled means to focus deeply on your duality. Be all aspects of yourself, and let no one tell you any different! You don’t have to muscle responses and reactions, but paired with Divine Feminine, it is telling you…screaming at you…that you are your own creator! The next card explains fully.

Last, is Perception. You’ve been told there’s “one god” so on and so forth. Why the push for singularity? It fits into the “One World” order mumbo jumbo. Here’s this-the control of someone else’s reality relinquishes their power to manifest. What’s truly “real” here? Whatever you make it! You have always had the freedom to manifest and create your own reality. So do so!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Simon says:

    Hmmm yes, what is real?

    1. Depends on how you shape your reality.

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